Topic: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

Howdy! I am this year's volunteer for the Brickfilms at Brickfair. We need some new films to show! If you are planning on attending the event, or would like to submit an absentee film, please burn your movie to a dvd or cd and mail it to the address below.

We like to keep the films G rated, but if there is profanity, it will be shown later to the adults. mini/smile

The day will be split up and will feature films by people 18 or younger (rated G or PG), adults (rated G or PG), and adults (PG-13+).

Deadline: All films must be received by August 10th, 2009. You will not get them back, sorry!

Mail to:

BrickFair Film
Kim Graham
501 Hungerford Drive, P79
Rockville, MD 20850

Please Include:
Your Name
Your Age
If you will be at the event

Here is a link to the event's website:

I'm looking forward to seeing your films!

-Kim mini/smile

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Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

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This looks fun.  Is there a deadline by which you would need people to send their films?

Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

Yes, August 10th please. I updated my post above to include the deadline and the fact that all ages can apply.

Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

Sure, I'll be there. Expect something from me...
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Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

mini/eek That looks so awesome, though I doubt I'd be able to go there. mini/sad

'Films by people 18 or younger..' Aw, darn it. mini/tongue Not that my movies are of a high enough quality to be shown at a BrickFair. mini/tongue

Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

Hmm, this looks interesting. If I can, I'll send my STAR entry and a couple other films.

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Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

Woo-hoo, all entries are welcome, I can judge if the quality is good enough. As long as it will look good on a projector, I would send on over to me. The event is all weekend and I need lots of films! Thanks!

Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

I might send one

Re: Submit Films for 2009 BrickFair!! [CLOSED]

I'll probably send my STAR entry if it's up to scratch.