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I apologize for the large delay in getting these results announced.  This contest, originally begun by Schlaeps, was held some time ago but I have finally had a chance to assemble a judging panel and tabulate the results.

The top 5 entries as determined by our panel of judges for the BricksInMotion Technical Excellence Competition: 5th Place: Robukka, for his film "Nicktech," with a score of 11. 4th Place: Jon64, for his film "Curiosity Killed Ben," with a score of 17. 3rd Place: Daragh, for his film "Boring Work," with a score of 18. 2nd Place: Timfee, for his film "Arthritis," with a score of 24 points. 1st Place: Yanzl, for his film "Giant Squid Attack," with a score of 33 points.

Congratulations, Timfee and Yanzl!

There may be some delay yet in sending prizes, I will contact the winners to figure this out and get the prizes shipped out when I have some time.  Thank you to all the entrants for their work and patience regarding this contest!

Here's a full list of the films, with the best working links I could find for viewing, in no particular order:

Nick Artri …


LegoLoverFilms … hp?id=1172

NOstudios … hp?id=1516

Nailer … re=related

EmmaExecute … hp?id=1526

DoyleProductions … hp?id=1533


Frogtrap … hp?id=1520

Isak Gutierrez … hp?id=1200

Timfee … s_creation

Isak Gutierrez … _512kb.mp4



Robukka … hp?id=1531 (The second one was a finalist)

Daragh … hp?id=1530

Yanzl … hp?id=1515

flaminfilms … hp?id=1521


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Congratz, guys.  Have fun at the new house!

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Koolio guys, congratulations.

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Congrats on taking the initiative to get this wrapped up and judged, Smeagol.

- Leo

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Congrats to all who entered.


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congratulations guys!

hahaha, Timfee probably doesn't even remember entering mini/lol

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I emailed him telling him he came second.


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Oh no ! I can't believe it ! i won a brickfilm contest ! lol !

i'm just sad about how this contest was not "played" (?? I don't find the good word) ... I mean, i've got the impression the entrants were not very combattive. My film was not a truly impressive piece of technical animation, and i ended second ! if all the entrants had worked on it sth like, what, 3 hours ? ther certainly could have been much better entries !

but it's the game, so I'm quite glad (and a bit proud too) to have finished second. I'd like to thank my mom, cause without her nothing of this could have been possible.

And Darkman, i remembered I had entered, but, well, that was so long ago...

And Smeagol, thanks for judging, its a good thing this contest is now closed.

And thanks to you randomparrot... I nearly never go on the contests forum!

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Finally,I'm glad this thing is over.Congratulations,timfee and Yanzl!
Also,the link to my film is missing:


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3rd place?! Wow! I did well. Congrats to the winners mini/bigsmile

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Just_a_Minifig wrote:

Finally,I'm glad this thing is over.Congratulations,timfee and Yanzl!
Also,the link to my film is missing:


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Congrats to everyone, especially Yanzl and Timfee!

Enjoy your prizes guys!
@Yanzl: *cough* build the cafe model *cough*
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Hooray for closure! ^_^  Congratulations to the winners!

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Wow! This was a great suprise! I don't know how I didn't see this thread yesterday. Congrats to all who entered especially timfee, and Smeagol for getting this judged.

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Congrats 2 teh winnarz.

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In case anyone's interested, the judges were: 0ldscratch, Leonardo812, Dave, VN, Blue_Ghost, LegoShark, and myself.  Thank you to you guys for sending in ballots!

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the more I think about it, the more I think the concept of this contest was really interesting. I think it'd be super cool to have a TEC2. with more excellence in animation, more complex scenes. Maybe a theme could help entrants to be more creative and imagine more complex scenes, with powerful animations ?
      The good thing is that it is a one shot contest. Not a long endurance one, just half a day of animation, no need to have a good image quality or become crazy trying to correct the lightning and get rid of the flickers.

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Personally I didn't like the concept behind this contest.  Technical ability is one of the few elements of brickfilming that can easily be taught and explained; anybody with time and patience can make their films improve technically.  I don't feel like technical ability is really something that tends to be lacking in brickfilms made by relatively experienced directors, so while I'd include as one category of several for judging a contest I think basing a contest around technical ability, rather than, say, all-around good visuals and storytelling, is an unappealing prospect.

I think the quality of the entries validates this somewhat, while there were quite a few entries in this contest most of them weren't all that exceptional from a technical standpoint because people really did just spend half a day or less on them.

Nonetheless I can see the thinking behind some kind of animation-based challenges and it certainly doesn't hurt to encourage people to work on animation.

Oh, and about the prizes: I'm afraid I'm quite busy for the next month or so (school) but I'll try to get the prizes shipped out after that.  I'll contact you guys for shipping info when the time comes.  Thanks.

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I think its just that people rush their animations, thats why they are not always the best.

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how long ago was this?