Topic: Two Voice Actors Needed for BRAWL 2023 Entry!

Hello! I am currently deep into our latest BRAWL entry, "Bradford Rant: Beginnings," but the film is in need of two male voice actors! Listed below are the two roles, along with any information that you should find useful. If you wish to audition, either private message me here or e-mail me at [email protected] with the audition audio file. I will be finalizing all roles by the end of Wednesday.

Dr. Bradford Rant: A recently-graduated scientist with a doctorate in astrophysics who is passionate, but sometimes too hyper-focused on specific topics. - Sex: Male - Age: 29 - Accent: American - Audition Line: Did you read my thesis?

Dr. Giacomo Berenices: A famous physicist who is hosting Bradford as his apprentice in study, but doesn't take him seriously. He's very much a traditionalist who is willing to explore ideas as long as they are grounded. - Sex: Male - Age: 60 - Accent: Italian - Audition Line: Basta, basta. You are Dr. Rant, the American apprentice, correct?

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Re: Two Voice Actors Needed for BRAWL 2023 Entry!


Billions of blue blistering bricks!