Topic: Six voice actors needed for THAC 2023 entry!

Hi again!

I am looking to fill seven roles (five male, two female) for an in-development THAC 2023 entry, which MUST be fill by this afternoon, Pacific Time. Send your auditions, along with your name and any name that you want to be credited as (if any) to [email protected]. Below are the roles with their audition lines.

Bigfoot: The one and only cryptid. Very reclusive, but does not take insults well. No accent preference.
Audition Line: You are a disgrace to Sasquatches everywhere!

Brian Fierro: Hunter who is after Bigfoot. He is determined and calculated, unrelenting until he's caught his target. No accent preference.
Audition Line: I've got Bigfoot on the run! Don't let it get away!

Female Camper: Camper who is...uh...female. She is easily scared by the sight of Bigfoot. No accent preference.
Audition Line: It's Bigfoot! It's more hideous than I could have imagined!

Hiker: Cool dude who first spots "Bigfoot." He's excitable and believes that you only live once, so why not track down bigfoot?  Has a "surfer dude" accent.
Audition Line: Dude! It's Bigfoot!

News Anchor: Stately voice on the radio. She's matter-of-fact as she delivers the news.  No accent preference.
Audition Line: According to local sources, Bigfoot has been spotted in the Bluebell Woods.

Vernon Hart: A homeless hillbilly who lives out in the woods. He's slept for too long, causing his hair to grow out and everyone to mistake him for Bigfoot. Has a hillbilly accent.
Audition Line: My hair! It's so long!

Volcanologist: A scientist investigating the recent earthquakes. He gets nervous at times. No accent preference.
Audition Line: What are you doing here? This volcano is going to--

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