Topic: How Can Someone Achieve Realistic Lighting?

So I am wondering, by what means can you achieve realistic/ cinematic lighting in stop motion? The lighting in my animations is rather dull, colorless, and flat.
I use the 3 point lighting setup, and a dslr camera, but I can't seem to get my lighting to be what I would call "attractive".
Is this flat dullness caused by the backgrounding? Is it caused by the white balance settings? ( P.S. tips on white balance settings would also be highly appreciated).

Anyway, hope whoevers reading this is having a good day, any comments would be appreciated!
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Re: How Can Someone Achieve Realistic Lighting?

Consider what the logical sources of light in the setting are. If you position the lights to give the impression that light is coming in through windows, or being cast by lamps that are built into the set (or are implied, like in a ceiling),  it goes a long way to making the lighting seem more motivated and interesting. A 3 point system is a good fundamental to know, but it's not always the solution for every scenario. If the sun is behind a character, then you can allow the front of them to be darker; it looks less realistic to light up the front of them with another direct light source.