Topic: Energy Troopers: Indiegogo Campaign

Hello. I'm running an indiegogo for a proof of concept anime short film!
Link to campaign: … x/936767#/,w_695/v1658719999/dptrjtee9nt8xhxk7n8y.png
A basic synopsis of the project is: "The Energy Troopers, a team of young adult superheroes must come together to defeat Scarlett Delacroix and her fellow acolytes from obtaining a great power that could end all life on earth.",w_695/v1658720028/xyilbf9yj2ejwpimfspn.png

I wrote a feature film treatment as I envisioned this as a feature, but I'm looking for funding of a Proof of Concept short. Making a short film is a way for to tackle the story creatively in a different format while showcasing the potential of what could be. The script for the short had been written, showcasing the main 6 characters, the tone of humor and action, with great performances from the cast. Concepts have been designed, the script has been storyboarded, and an animatic has been created. Funding is strictly for the animators and the film festival run.,w_695/v1664489119/twywfhmyu5sp00ldwn1m.png

Perks include:
Special Thanks Credit
Advance digital copy of the short film
Director's commentary
Concept Art
BTS documentary highlighting actor recording sessions
Exclusive poster designs/computer wallpaper
Producer credit

Campaign ends:
December 1st, 2022

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