Topic: Four Voice Actors Needed For Film Titled "Speeder!"

Hello, everyone!

I am currently developing a short comedy film that is in dire need of four voice actors! Three are male and one is female, which are all listed below. Auditions will remain open throughout the rest of this week.

Sally: Flirty, but paranoid, young woman who is out on a date gone wrong.
Audition Line: Robert, slow down! You're going too fast!

Robert: Rough, not-too-tough, and dim-witted date to Sally who likes to drive REALLY fast.
Audition Line: Fast? You think this is fast?

Stuart Cane: Police officer who gets easily bored and straightens up at the slightest bit of excitement.
Audition Line: I should have gotten into the aviation business with my uncle Harry.

Duke: Local sheriff who keeps in touch with Stuart via radio with a Southern accent.
Audition Line: Report in, Officer Cane.

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Re: Four Voice Actors Needed For Film Titled "Speeder!"

Hey, I'm interested in auditioning for this Brickfilm!
I'll send you a message.

Billions of blue blistering bricks!