Topic: Terrain Techniques for Brickfilming

I'm looking to get into brickfilming but I'm having a tricky time figuring out how to do terrain efficiently.
I'm brand new to this and the specific thing I'm looking to make is a rocky, mars-like landscape but I figure general terrain tips for other environments would also be incredibly helpful.
Anyone have any techniques or tricks they use to make the terrain in their films?

Re: Terrain Techniques for Brickfilming

Hey Dumpstaboy, there's a ton you could find on it, and I personally could go on and on (my brickfilms have way to many forests in them, along with rocky landscapes), but I figured giving you some expert resources might be better. There's a great SacredBricks YouTube video on the subject, as well as a Brick Blogger article here: … ndscaping/ , you can check those out, or just look on the TBB archives for some inspiration! Hope this helped, God bless and brickfilm on,


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