Topic: [CLOSED] Voice Actors Needed: Johnny Thunder, Sam Sinister, Pippin...

We need actors for our new film! If you're interested in acting send an audition to this email: [email protected]
Make sure to put which character you're auditioning for and summit the corresponding practice lines.

Johnny Thunder: "What a beauty! Take a gander at this; It's Horus and Anubis the Egyptian gods of sky and death."

Sam Sinister: "This won’t be the last you see of me Johnny boy!"

Pippin Reed: "And I'm Pippin Read, of the World Magazine here to ask Johnny your questions." and/or "It's Lord Sam Sinister!"

Harry Cane: "Watch your step there, doc." and/or "Johnny, grab the rope!"

Try to get them in ASAP and thanks in advance! Of course be sure to ask questions below.
Here is a link to a reference of what some of these characters sound like:

Update: Actress for Pippin Reed is no longer needed.
Update: Thank you to everyone who responded; we now have all the voice actors we need!

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