Topic: When to submit casting calls

Hey I just wanted to know if there was a guideline on how complete a film has to be before you can start casting calls. I have the opening scene pretty much done except voices but I don’t know if it’s polite to have someone voice the opening and then wait awhile for them to voice anything else?

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Re: When to submit casting calls

There aren't any site-specific guidelines on this; you can open a casting call pretty much as soon as you feel is reasonable. In the most common workflow people actually cast and wait to receive the recorded voices before they start animating because it lets them tailor the action to the recordings.

As far as politeness goes, the most important thing is just making sure you really plan on making the film before you start casting, and keeping the actors in the loop on what you need from them (ex. if you're going to ask them for more lines a few months after they first record, make sure they agree to that ahead of time). Having a full script together when you post the casting is best so they'll be able to record as soon as you approve their audition. Everything else is pretty much up to your personal preference.

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Re: When to submit casting calls

Hi. I am new to the site and also the Discord side. I have read that I need a filmmaker tag to be able to post to the Discord side. What are the prerequisites to get that ability?
I am just getting ready to film my first real brick film (opening song of a musical I'm writing) with a REAL camera, not a webcam and would love to post it for comment when it's ready.


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