My discord account @GUATEMAXanimations got hacked!! the user is DMing all and telling to "Test out a game they have made" when in fact it's a hacking program!!

do not download! it is not me!! let everyone know in every server, because he is DMing every single contact and server users!!

a couple have already been hacked!! one of them being XavierFilmsYT which reported in his Twitter account too.

here's his post: … 8KN0ERI3tQ

please, let everyone in every server know to not answer to the DMs, the hacker only changed the email and password and has kept all the rest the same.

the supposed "Game" is a hacking program called Dragons_Jump, which he then claims to be a "Give away of $100 to all who give good feedback on his game"

he is using other's accounts to reach more and more, please let all know to not click or download the link so to stop him!!

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