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Since mid-2019 Bricks in Motion has been an officially Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC) through the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN). This means that our community is in direct contact with the LEGO Group and hundreds of other LEGO communities around the globe!

This post is intended to share what LAN is and answer any general questions.

What is LAN?

  • The LEGO Ambassador Network is a department of the LEGO Group that officially recognizes certain LEGO User Groups, LEGO Online Communities and LEGO Fan Media outlets and provide these communities additional support. Each recognized LEGO community also has an Ambassador who has additional access to communicate directly with the AFOL Engagement Team and work with other community Ambassadors from around the world.

What is a LAN Ambassador?

  • An Ambassador acts as a spokesperson to represent their community on the LAN. Acting as a point of contact between Bricks in Motion and the LEGO Group, sharing relevant information both to and from the LAN. The Community Ambassador represents their individual Community and does not represent the LEGO Group.

What is a RLOC?

  • Recognized LEGO Online Communities are mainly present online and do most of their community activities via their online forums in which they drive discussions, collaborative building activities, competitions and everything else celebrating the LEGO Brand.

Rioforce did a great job networking and building up the reputation of Bricks in Motion on the LAN. As the new Ambassador I hope to continue this trend and develop our relationship further. Otherwise, there are no major changes and LEGO will continue to support our many events. (Such as THAC 2022 this weekend mini/wink )

If you have any other general questions or would simply like to learn more, you can check out the official LAN Website or post below.

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Re: Bricks in Motion & the LEGO Ambassador Network

It's really cool that we are in with LEGO and you guys get sets to review and film. Keep up the good work!

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