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Hi all,

What do you think about making VR 180 Lego stop motion animations?

Is that possible?

With the new Canon Dual Fisheye lens it should be much simpler and cheaper, right?

Hope this subject is interesting for many of you as it is for me. mini/smile


Re: Canon Dual fisheye

It is a premium lens and quite expensive. I will get it if I can. I like the look of stereoscopic 3d in brickfilms.

Spoiler (click to read)

I made a video with two webcams taped together … heye-lens/

I think the release has been delayed a bit but it is coming and hopefully someone will experiment shooting miniature stop-motion with it.

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Re: Canon Dual fisheye

Man i cant imaging spending that much money on a lens just for making brickfilms that work with vr.
Ill watch the film though!

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Re: Canon Dual fisheye

It is true that the lens are expensive but aren’t people making good money on YouTube with their brickfilms?

I think that having 20 million views on a 1-year old movie would produce some tens of thousand of dollars. Right?

So buying a lens like is not actually so expensive.

What do you think?