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Hello one and all, and welcome to THAC 2022, or THAC XIX! First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to Nathan Mellace of Willow Tree, not only for handing me the reigns of THAC but also for giving us 3 hugely successful THACs from 2019-2021.

Check out the announcement video:

The Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, or THAC for short, is a Brickfilming competition that lasts exactly 24 hours. All writing, recording, animating, and editing must be completed within the span of one day. It is as challenging as it sounds, but equal parts fun and a major staple of the community!

THAC will commence on Saturday, January the 8th at 7:00 am EST. It will end exactly 24 hours later, on Sunday, January the 9th at 7:00 am EST. Please click the link to see when it will start in your timezone. A countdown to the contest can be found here:

Here are several variations of the contest logo: … sp=sharing

Anyone who is a registered member of Bricks in Motion is eligible to enter THAC. If you are not yet a member of Bricks in Motion but wish to enter, please register by Saturday the 8th of January. Judges may participate, but are disqualified from being ranked and from receiving prizes. Joint productions are allowed, but it is up to you to divide up the prizes if you win anything.

  • Your entry must be entirely animated and edited during the 24-hour period. To prove this and as a long-time tradition of the contest, mod elements must appear in every shot of your film with the exception of 15 seconds. More on this below.

  • Your entry must consist of primarily LEGO (or similar building block toy) stop motion animation. Live action, CGI, and hand drawn animation are allowed but stop motion must be the primary focus.

  • Your entry must consist of at least 30 seconds of stop motion animation. There is no maximum time limit.

  • No mature or explicit content is allowed. This includes but is not limited to: swearing, excessive gore, overt sexual content, and blatant drug references.

  • You may not make your entry public until after the deadline. The entry you make public must be the entry you submit to the judges. You cannot create a version of your film that includes the mod element to send to the judges and then release a second version of the film with the mod element removed. Once the judging process is over and the official results have been announced, you can make any changes you wish.

  • Use of copyrighted material (such as music) is allowed, though be aware of copyright infringement. Use of copyrighted material will not affect the judging of your entry. Additionally, due to time restraints of the contest, music may be created before the contest. While using copyrighted/trademarked material is allowed, you are discouraged from basing your entry on pre-existing franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, etc. There is no direct score deduction, but a film that uses pre-existing intellectual properties will not be viewed as favorable as a film that creates something entirely new.

To assure that you create your entry within the 24 hour time frame and to prevent cheating, the theme will be announced at the start of the contest. You are allowed to brainstorm ideas beforehand and/or prepare builds for your sets, but there is no guarantee that your ideas will match the theme. The theme will either be a single word or phrase. For example, the last THAC’s theme was “Change”.

In addition, we also require the use of the “mod element.” A mod element is a visual component that must be physically included in each shot of your film to prove that it was made in the 24 hour timeframe. There is an exception however, with a 15 second lenience rule. You do not have to include the mod element for a maximum of 15 seconds. Hopefully, this will allow you to film close-ups or other shots where it may be difficult to incorporate the mod elements. Additionally, we want to provide leeway to entrants who forget to include a mod element in a shot or two. In short, if you omit or forget the mod element in a few shots–that’s okay! Just make sure the shots without the mod do not exceed 15 seconds. Additionally, we do allow mod elements to be cropped out in some shots but you must provide proof that the mod element was present, by sending me an uncropped still of the shot. You can send me this either through messaging me on discord or by including it in your submission email.
There will be two mod elements to choose from–you do not need to use both, you can pick one or the other, or even mix and match them. As with the theme, these mod elements will be announced at the start of the contest. The first mod element is a color mod. This will be a combination of two random bricks that must be connected together or touching. (For example, a green brick connected to a white brick.) The second mod element is a letter mod. This could be any one of the 26 letters in the English alphabet. You may use upper or lowercase versions of the letter, but the letter must be recognizable.

  • The letter mod may be upper or lowercase. The letter can be rotated but not mirrored. It must be clearly identifiable as the particular letter. It may be written on a piece of paper or sticker, drawn directly onto a brick, printed onto a piece, or built from pieces and even integrated into the set.

  • The letter mod may exist as a printed LEGO piece, but it must clearly be that letter. Expressions on a minifigure face or folds in clothing on minifigure torsos are not letters.

  • Mod elements must be physically present. They cannot be digitally added in post-production.

  • Minifigure parts such as a green torso attached to white legs do count as the color mod.

  • Baseplates also do count as part of a color mod.

  • You do not need to include the mod elements in the title or credits.

Check out Chris W.’s video about mod elements:

Entries will be judged on criteria including originality, production value (animation, set design, cinematography, sound, etc.), story, and creative interpretation of the theme. Films will be discussed and ranked by the judges until a consensus is reached. The top three films will be eligible for the prize pool. Entries below 10th place will not be publicly ranked.
The judges this year are:
Penta is a Bricks in Motion administrator and runs the BrickFilms Wiki. He is well known for his History of Brickfilms series and Benny n’ Lee, and co-hosts the World of Brickfilms Podcast. Earlier this year, Penta released the highly anticipated Taco Trouble 2.
BertL is a long-standing member of the Brickfilming community, and took part in the very first THAC in 2005 with his entry Onorno. It is largely thanks to his major contributions to the Brickfilm Archival Project, that many Brickfilms from the early to late 2000s remain seen.
Forlorn Creature
Thomas is most well-known for his various Minecraft-based Brickfilms, including his Minecraft Creepers series, and his SCP series. He also came 1st place in THAC 3 times with the films Le Special, Fried Circuit, and (Never) Meant to Be.
JOCo is well-known for his highly energetic, ambitious Johnny Thunder series and has a recent series of high placing entries, including last THAC’s 3rd place winning entry Johnny Thunder and the Orb of Wakto, BRAWL 2021’s 2nd place winning entry Johnny Thunder & the Heart of Faber’s Peak, and most recently, the 5th place ManiFest entry A Question Before The Board.

The LEGO Group via the LEGO® Ambassador Network, are very generously providing us with the prizes. A huge thank you goes out to them! The 1st place winner will have the choice to pick out of the 3, followed by the 2nd place winner, who chooses between the 2 remaining prizes, with the 3rd receiving the remaining prize.

Please note that there is the possibility of supply shortages with sets, but the prizes we are offering are:
LEGO Ideas Set 21318 Tree House | The City of Lanterns 80036: Monkie Kid | Wildlife Rescue Camp 60307 | LEGO City

If you have any questions, please contribute to the discussion below, or message me on the Bricks in Motion Discord!

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Looking forward to it! And congrats on hosting THAC, William!

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that logo do be looking snazzy mini/sunnies

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Oh yeah! I've never entered before but I'm excited to do so this year mini/smile

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Oh boy

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Can't wait to give it a try once again! It's gonna be fun :)))

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THAC! Cant wait totally wanna enter this year.
(btw that graphic design is epic)
yes woo nice

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Wow this is so enthralling! Great line up of judges.
Thank you so much Nathan Mellace for hosting THAC the past couple of years, you did a great job!

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

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Yes, thank you Willow Tree for hosting the excellent THACs of the previous years. And many thanks to LOTW for taking up the baton, I'm confident he will do a great job hosting this (and possibly future??????) THAC.

I'm really looking forward to judging THAC again. It's been almost 10 years since I was a judge, and honestly I didn't even remember those times. Some excellent films, though. It'll be grand, but probably also difficult since the overall quality of the entries have gone up so much. Back then there were always one or two standout entries in terms of image or animation quality, but these last couple of years the whole top 20 was made out of standout films. It's going to be interesting, for sure. My only regret is not being able to participate in creating my own THAC!

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You are allowed to brainstorm ideas beforehand and/or prepare builds for your sets

Set-building and coming up with some vague concepts for films up until the contest start can prove handy! Just wanted to point that out.

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Let's go!

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Ohh yea! Cannot wait to enter a THAC for the fist time!:)

Check out my YouTube channel...

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How do you enter the contest? Or is it just a "open" entry where your not entered until you submit a film? mini/eek
In which case, will that be explained somewhere?

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There will be an email that you send a link to your unlisted entry to. That email address will be listed in the “THAC 2022 Starts NOW!” thread that will be posted when THAC starts.

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I might come out of hiding for this.

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Good luck participating in THAC, everyone! It's always been a fun contest.

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alright! I'm ready for this one!

and in case you were wondering, no I am not supposed to be a living mushroom with a diaper, following a fat guy with a mustache.

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Can’t wait for first THAC!:D

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I entered last year this year I am hoping to enter with my younger cousin who got into brick filming in the past few weeks if not I will enter alone