Topic: Filming with compact camera

I'm aware that DSLRs are preferred for stop-motion and I used to have one but I found that since it's an everyday use camera also that DSLRs are like carrying a heavy suitcase everywhere so not so practical hence compact. The compact has macro mode which is important but still issues. mini/sad

I have the camera set to Program mode currently though it has a Manual mode (insomuch as compact cameras have this). Manual focus is not available sadly. The trouble is the camera reacts to when I put my hands in shot to adjust the minifigure and then readjusts to the set which cumulatively creates an annoying slight flickering effect. I'm not sure how to resolve this problem. Any advice?

Additionally, since I can't feed directly to the computer I can't use stop-motion software with onionskin so if I knock the character or other props over I can't accurately correct them. Nikon has a phone app that allows me to remotely operate the camera without touching it but no onionskin on that (requested feature).
Since cameras are expensive it would be a considerable cost to buy a DSLR just for animation.

I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC so if there is any way to fix the flicker digitally that could also be of help.
Thank you

Re: Filming with compact camera

Use manual mode to set your exposure manually. Then you will get no flicker, which is the camera adjusting the exposure for every frame.

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