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The CinematiCritic(s) was my attempt at getting into movie reviews. First it was a Siskel & Ebert: At the Movies -inspired brickfilm. Next, it was a blog thing. Before finally becoming a podcast and essentially being abandoned. (William's superior World of Brickfilms partially to blame...)

I started up a new blog earlier this year, but took a several month hiatus. Recently, though, I got back into it, and now that I'm on a bit better of a schedule, wanted to share it with you all!

Here it is:

Feel free to check it out if you've got a chance. Comments are welcome both here and on the site itself.

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Very interesting!

I read over your blog on the ratings system, and it's quite interesting. (Also, did you know Return of the King was changed from R to PG-13 mostly due to the angle of the camera when Saruman got stabbed?) It's an interesting topic for sure.

Also, I can't believe you reviewed the Super Mario Bros movie. That's hilarious.

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Thanks for the kind words, Pritchard.

I went ahead and posted my first true brickfilm review - w00t!, as well as made a twitter and discord for updates, notifications, and suggestions.

Today I'm going to take some pictures for some upcoming Lego set reviews - might end up doing a short stop-motion for each too.

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Breaking from the month long hiatus, here's a new editorial: My history with Star Wars and thoughts on Episode IX pre-release!

Should I not have any trouble with the Musical Advent Calendar going forward, regular posts should resume on the blog.

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I just had to revive this, even if (likely) only for one special occasion. Today is the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite movies of all time, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Read my 20th anniversary write up on it here: CinematiCritic Atlantis:TLE Retrospective