Topic: Canon 550D Compatability

Hi Lego Animation People

Im getting very Frustrated, The reason being i researched and seen articles the UK version of the Canon EOS 55OD worked with
iStopMotion and now it says it doesn't
Does anyone know if it does or if it works with DragonFrame.
It would be Grateful if anyone knows?

Kind regards

Mike C

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Re: Canon 550D Compatability

Hi MCA, welcome to Bricks in Motion! A number of members here use Canon D-SLRs plus Dragonframe without any issues.

I get the impression Dragonframe is being kept up to date much more than iStopMotion.

There's a free trial available that should confirm your model works:

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Re: Canon 550D Compatability

I bought a Canon 550D when I paid for Dragonframe specifically because they are compatible. The pair have served by well ever since mini/smile