Topic: Plunkville: A Clerk, A Smuggler, and Three Pages

Hi there.  I’m looking for multiple people to play roles in this big film I’m currently working on.  I estimate it will be somewhere around 25, to 40ish minutes long.  Might want to split it up into multiple parts

Here’s the script. … BsqKFfbEEU

When you’ve picked out the roles you want to do, you can contact me via email, [email protected], or preferably, discord, Bubba1#4105, and we can setup time to record lines through either discord, or skype.

Less preferably, you can also just send the lines if that’s all you can do.

Characters that are already taken
Steve “Solar Steve” Studs
Princess Aberdale
Sherry Tiles

I’m looking for something young sounding for Azer

With Kent, I’m looking for something that sound somewhat like Mandalore Gaming.

With The a riddle Master, I’m basically looking for an Alan Moore impression.

With The CEO, I want something Jeff Bezos sounding.

With Pierre, I’m looking for something that sounds somewhat like, for lack of a better example, Private from The Madagascar films.

With the executive who asks the ceo a question, I’m looking for something Cinema Snob sounding.

For Sir Roberts, I’m looking for something that’s links like Zafod Beeblebrox from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy radio and tv series, but with a more English accent.

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Re: Plunkville: A Clerk, A Smuggler, and Three Pages

mini/blankexpression mini/tongue

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Re: Plunkville: A Clerk, A Smuggler, and Three Pages

If you are still working on this, I would happily voice any of them.

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