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Hello everyone, i am new. mini/smile

I dreamed to do stop motion animation, i started with the nintendo 3DS then making better result with the webcam of my MacBook pro 2011 Hight Sierra with IStopMotion software or FrameByFrame.
I want to take one step further by using a DSRL camera, a Canon EOS 250D to be more specific.
But for IStopMotion everytime i connect to my camera it crash and FrameByFrame doesn't seem to detect my camera.
I know the last software was made to work better with webcam but i have seen people on youtube using it and having their software FrameByFrame detect their camera.

What i am doing wrong? mini/sad

Thanks in advance for your response.

Re: DSRL Camera can't connect to stop-motion software

Make sure all of your camera's software and drivers are installed. If that's not the issue, try installing the digiCamControl driver and using that as your capture device instead.

Re: DSRL Camera can't connect to stop-motion software

Hello, i have downloaded the EOS utility it does connect to my camera (of course, it does) but it is not mean for stop motion because you can overlay a background image one at a time and you have to do it manually so it is a laborious process.
Also digiCamControl driver is only for window but i am on mac.

Re: DSRL Camera can't connect to stop-motion software

Ok i have check the other topic and all was talking about a software that transform DSLR camera into wepcam drivers witch make it work for most stop motion software.

Is there a alternative to digiCamControl driver for mac?
Does it will decrease the quality of the photos if i convert my camera into a web camera via a third party software?

Re: DSRL Camera can't connect to stop-motion software

Canon has recently released a software called EOS Webcam Utility. I’ve never really looked into it, but it seems to have been developed to make video chatting with DSLRs easier. If it is in fact a webcam driver for DSLRs, then it should fix your problem. Note that this could very well eliminate in-software camera settings (shutter speed, ISO, etc.) from being usable since it is not a direct connection to the camera, but via a driver. I don’t think this should have any effect on the final quality of your images though. Also note, not that which camera is chosen to download the software matters, that this link is directly to the software list of your camera; Rebel SL3 is just the US name for the 250D. Just scroll down to Drivers and Software and select your OS to view the available software.

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Re: DSRL Camera can't connect to stop-motion software

Thanks a lot, i have converted my camera into a webcam and now the software like boat simulator and heron animation work fine!

I wonder now how to improve the camera quality...

Re: DSRL Camera can't connect to stop-motion software

You won't be able to get your camera's full quality and resolution via this method because you are using the live view feed, rather than main camera sensor. mini/smile

Unfortunately, Boats Animator and Heron Animation would need to add a bunch of code to enable this.

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