Topic: --CLOSED-- Limited Edition THAC-themed Calendar

You read it right! We have a THAC-themed Calendar! But only for a limited time! There are only 30 Calendars in stock, and if you want one, now's your chance!

The Calendars work perfect for all you date checking needs! Whether it be your room, the office, a gift to your friend, or your room. Never forget what day it is, check off the days, and keep track of all those brickfilming contests!
Each month features a carefully crafted photo (credit to Starwarsstudios and Blandeer) referencing winners of THAC throughout the years! As well as some fun THAC facts.
Check out all the photos here:

100% of all money raised through selling Calendars will go directly to Bricks in Motion, to help support the website and community we all love! Help us reach our goal of $300!

Calendars are a $10USD each. There is no limit per person so feel free to order them for you and your brickfilming friends! I can only ship to the United States and Canada at this time. Sorry!

Here's how:

1. Fill out the form below.

2. The form will direct you to PayPal at the end where you will pay for your order.

3. You will be directed back to the form for you to submit the form.

4. I will email you when I ship your order!

5. You get a calendar that will keep you company all year round.

Here's the link to order: NO LONGER ACCEPTING ORDERS

Remember, this deal only lasts from now until November 27!

If you have any questions e-mail or message me directly!

Thank you!

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Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.