Topic: What's Your Set Up?

Hey I just made this fun little topic so we can all share our equipment and software set ups.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i with an 18-55 mm IS-II STM lense
Lights: Standard Desk Lamps I found at Goodwill
Tripod: A mediocre one I found at Goodwill, I don't know the brand
Software: EOS Utility (for image capturing), Seashore (for compositing and animating dialogue), iMovie (for editing)

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

I have iPad and Lego Movie Maker mini/sunnies  I am upgrading to Logitech C920.

Re: What's Your Set Up?

T31, Dragon frame, HitFilm, and iMovie. 3 desk lamps with paper and gels, and a Tripod.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

Zu3D Studio 3 pack with webcam.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

Camera - Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
Software (Use for both animation and editing) - Corel VideoStudio Ultimate x6
SoundFX - Internet
Photo/Frame Edit - Gimp

That is all the equipment I use to make a brickfilm.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

Camera: Nikon D3100
Software: Adobe Suite CC (but I only use Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Audition), HitFilm 2 Ultimate, FrameByFrame
Sound recording: Zoom H4N

I also have an assortment of sheets of green, blue, black, red and beige card in various sizes, for chroma keying and for backdrops.

When it comes to masking rigs, I just build them out of LEGO parts. In the past, I even made rigs for my old camera (a Fuji Finepix thing, can't remember the model) out of LEGO bricks. It was pretty effective.

If you're on PC, I would recommend Serif Movieplus over Vegas. More versatile, more user-friendly interface.
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Re: What's Your Set Up?

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel SL1, Helios 44-2 58mm lens, 28mm Nikkor lens
    Capture Software: DigiCamControl
    Photo Editing/Masking: Photoshop Elements 12 and Blender
    Video Editing: Sony Movie Studio 12 Platinum (which, IMO, is a professional quality editor, and the best out there on a budget)
    Audio Recording and editing: Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio (IDK what version), Audacity
Sound Recording: Blue Snowball Microphone, DIY sound box and pop filter
Lights: I use many types of lighting, but primarily, I use 3 desk lamps, two with white florescent bulbs, and one with a yellower bulb. Sometimes I use an LED desk lamp (which isn't very bright) and Christmas lights. I have used night lights before as well.

For backgrounds, I use posterboard. Some of it has been painted to change the shade and give it a cool look, and some is just original color. Some has even been cut to look like hills and such that I can overlay on top of other posterboards.

The animation rigs (not for the camera, but for object animation) I use are Helping Hands (found on Amazon). I occasionally use LEGO rigs, but I find those harder to use and less effective for most uses. I use an old, basic tripod for the camera.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

My setup:

Logitech C910


Blue Yeti Microphone

I really should get some more poster board as it is a good background.  Also I really have to work on my masking skills.  As they were disastrous for my film Iron Man 2. mini/lol

Re: What's Your Set Up?

rioforce wrote:

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Same camera! Never actually seen anyone else with this camera.

    Capture Software: A mixture of EOS Utility, ManyCam, and Helium Frog Animator
    Video Editing: Pinnacle Studio 18
    Audio Recording and editing: Audacity

Sound Recording: Plantronics headset microphone

Back Ground: The lid from one of the crates I store my LEGOs in and some colored paper/folders

Masking & Rigs: I usually try supporting things from the wall/ground behind the floating object (with LEGOs and sticky tack). The rig is hidden, so no masking.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

     Canon EOS Rebel T3i
     Logitech C910

     Photoshop CC

     Blue Snowball

I have six lamps.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

     Nikon D7000 body
     Nikon 18-55mm lens
     Nikon 55-200mm lens
     Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens
     Set of 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm AF-S extension tubes
     Planning to get a 55mm micro lens

     Adobe CC - mostly After Effects and Premiere Pro (I own a license which I plan to renew, but I currently use these only at university)
     Currently own a Dragonframe license, but I can't use it until I get a new computer

     Tripod (planning to get a second, better quality tripod)
     iMac 21.5 inch (university owned, planning to get a macbook pro eventually, and a dual screen setup with an iMac even more down the track)
     2 desk lamps, and multiple LED bulbs
     Green and blue sheets
     Blue Snowball
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Re: What's Your Set Up?

720p HD webcam

Frame Capturing: Stopmotion Explosion
Audio: Audacity
Photo Editing:
Video Editing: Sony Movie Studio 12 Platinum

I use a large piece of light blue felt for a background and three desk lamps for lighting.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

Nikon D3200 body
Nikon 18-55mm lens
Nikon 50mm f1.8
Vivitar macro 70-210mm  manual lens

Video editing
Adobe premiere elements 11 and 14
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Photo Editing
Adobe Photoshop CS6
MC Paint

Screen Capture Software


Dragonframe remote
Platinum Series tripod monopod combo
Cardboard backgrounds (from dollar)
Black, green, and white sheets
Desk mini/lol
2 Softbox lights from Amazon
Laptop i7 16GB ram
External 27" Moniter
Blue Yeti Microphone

I think that covers most of it.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

I have a Sony Camera whose model number I've forgotten.  Weird.  Then I have a student lamp with a banned 75 or 100 watt light bulb, and a regular lamp with a 60 watt bulb on the left side of my wife's dresser.  The space on the dresser is where all the animation takes place.

Audio is recorded on a Yamaha 1600G sixteen track recorder with a microphone whose brand name I forgot.  (I used to use my brother's Shure snowball before I began Brickfilming.)  I use a laptop computer with Sony VBegas for making video, Sony Acid Pro fro making music, and Sony Sound Forge for audio editing.

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Re: What's Your Set Up?

Animation Software: iStopMotion
Camera: PRO HD 1080P Widescreen Video Webcam, HUE Animation Studio USB Camera
Sound Software: Audacity
Editing Software: Lightworks

Re: What's Your Set Up?

Camera: Logitech c920
Software: Honestech stop-motion studio 4.0
Tripod: Gorilla Tripod
Editing software: Windows movie maker

Re: What's Your Set Up?


Logitech C920 HD pro webcam


Image capture: Tahoma2D

Image editing: GIMP

Video editing: Shotcut

Audio capture and editing: Audacity

Script writing: Trelby


Windows laptop with Intel i5 and 8gb of RAM

Samsung chromebook 3

Blue snowball iCE

Mic boom arm

$15 tripod mini/shifty

Fotopro uFO basic

Fotopro uFO mini

Two GoLamps (they can be plugged into a laptop if you don't want to use batteries)

Two black foam boards, one blue poster board, one white poster board, and a green board (that's a lotta boards! mini/dizzy )

Two helping hands

Four 32 gig thumb drives

A bunch of 32 gig sd cards

Four 6 foot usb 2.0 extension cables

Two usb 3.0 hubs

Other Stuff


Xp-pen G640 Star drawing tablet

Lego classic boxes and containers (for holding things)

A bunch of dollar store Christmas lights

A pack of 50 dvds


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