Topic: Zombieman Casting Call [CLOSED]

Send your auditions either to [email protected] or send me a private message. You can also ask for a picture of each character.

The test lines will be in quotations under the descriptions of each character.

A Christian scientist who often feels lost and afraid, just trying to make a living.

"It's not that I don't agree with you, Laura, I just don't have a lot of choice in the matter. All I do know is that with the work we're doing, I can't go anywhere else. You understand that, right?"

John Peterson's alter ego, so basically whoever is acting as one has to do the other. You don't have to make the voices that much different from each other, but if you want to, you can try making Zombieman sound a little more gravelly. I don't want to spoil the few lines Zombieman has, so just do John's line in both voices if you want to go that route.

John's wife who is caring and kind, but works herself too hard and often questions the decisions of her husband.

"Breakfast... breakfast... oh shoot! I forgot to make breakfast! I'm sorry-"

A very old businessman who mostly cares about profit, even at the expense of other people's lives, though he tries to hide it as a cover.

"I can assure you, I still have plenty of years left, and at least I have the experience to deal in matters such as this."

She acts mature and experienced even though she is a little girl, but at the same time she fully embraces that fact, and has the qualities of both an adult and a child.

"On the contrary, I do what I do to save lives as well. I just go about it in a different way."

John's coworker who is more enthusiastic about his job than John is. He often has to remind John not to be late for work.

"Isn't this exciting? It's like we're making firearms in the stone age!"

"GOD" (apparition)
Basically an illusion taking on the appearance of God, or a god. He should have a calm sounding voice for the most part.

"It was a sudden death, but your good faith has lead you here, to my kingdom."

Benjamin Coil's secretary, she only has two lines, so I'll just put them both here.

"Mr. Coil?"

"Everyone is awaiting your instructions, sir."

That is all. The deadline for auditions is July 31st. :)

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Re: Zombieman Casting Call [CLOSED]

I am interested.

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