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I've been out of the game for a while and have the urge to come back in.Although this time I've picked up a DSLR in the past few years and want to try it out. My question is what software is out there for DSLR frame capture or stop motion? I figured you guys would know the pros and cons of each. Preferably a free software i would want to try first but i can also dish out some cash for paid ones.

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What brand is your camera? I’ve only used a Canon, and they have a free software called EOS utility. It’s a very basic program that doesn’t have any stopmotion features, but it captures pictures and saves them to a desired folder. Another free option is Digicam control. Again, not a stopmotion software, but I believe (though I’m not positive) that it turns your DSLR into a webcam driver, allowing you to select it as a webcam in stopmotion programs. As far as actual stopmotion capture software for DSLRs, the gold standard is Dragonframe, though I’ve been using Stopmotion Pro Eclipse for quite a few years and it’s a fairly smooth interface. Hope this will be of some help.

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I used DigiCamControl for a long time until I finally got Dragonframe (but that's expensive). It might have the feature to "turn your dslr into a webcam" but it wouldn't be useful in other stop-motion programs because you wouldn't be able to control the camera shutter in those programs.

DigiCamControl does have some stop-motion-like features like onion skin and playback, even though it isn't exactly a stop-motion program. It's way easier to use than Canon EOS Utility, though. It also works for other brands of cameras.

I've never used this, but I hear AnimaShooter is pretty good. It costs about 50 dollars, though. I think there's a free trial. But again, I've never used it.

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I used animashooter, and the next day my computer was infected with malware. Not sure if that’s what caused it, but I’ve stayed clear of it since.