Topic: Attack of the Missing Link!

What started out as a BRAWL 2020 entry quickly turned into a larger scale ode to early 30s horror cinema. Coming in at 12 pages, and with ambitions to make all sets out of cardboard and paper mache; I realized it would be best to take my time and really polish a solid film I'd be proud of years down the line.

Thus, I'm starting this production log to detail further production on the film!

All voices have been cast and recorded, all characters have been built, and a majority of the original sets have been completed. Even 2 whole minutes of animation have been shot & edited! However, I'm thinking about re-tooling some of the sets and reshooting a shot or two - now unrestrained from the BRAWL mod elements. I think this all will benefit the film in the long run.

Here's a link to the poster.

Stay tuned for more harrowing updates!

And feel free to ask any questions!

Re: Attack of the Missing Link!

Awesome!  I love the poster and am super excited to the film.

Re: Attack of the Missing Link!

This sounds great! I don't think I've ever really seen a brickfilm of this length with a 30s horror touch before, but I have no doubts you'll pull it off!