Topic: Dragonframe Video Assist and Overheating

Hello fellow brickfilmers,

I've had some recent trouble with Dragonframe using my Canon EOS 7D. The camera keeps failing in the middle of shoots and producing "Error 80." I'm not here for troubleshooting advice, I've already looked into this issue extensively and the best I can figure is that internal overheating in conjunction with a potential flaw on the main board is the culprit. I'm not willing to send such an old camera to Canon for inevitably expensive repairs, so instead my last hope is to reduce the internal temperature while shooting.

So here's the punchline: continuous live view drives high camera temperatures and, in my case, causes camera failure. Dragonframe's video assist obviously makes use of live view, so that's an issue. With that on my table, I want to weigh my options and get input from other brickfilmers. Does Dragonframe have any built-in features to keep cameras from overheating? I was thinking something along the lines of an intermittent video assist feature that isn't constantly using live view, but I don't know if it exists or where to find it. Obviously I could avoid video assist entirely and just use stills, but that will restrict me as an animator. I could use a separate video assist source, like my Logitech C920, but I'm not sure what good that would be if the assist doesn't match the capture at all. Any thoughts or advice?

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Re: Dragonframe Video Assist and Overheating

Dragonframe by default turns off the live view display after 3 minutes of inactivity. So if you're taking a long time setting up shots, it'll shut off. If you're animating for really long periods of time, I'd recommend taking breaks to let your camera cool off. Grab some water, hit the bathroom, then come back. It's healthy for you and your camera.

That said, I've never had troubles with my camera overheating because I let the live view shut off after 3 minutes while i set up the next frame and I also take breaks. I use a Canon SL2, so IDK how much different they are.

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