Topic: DEMONIC BREACH 1: A Very Short Short -Disney/Klaus 2d mix with Lego

" A crazy trio: A weak and hurt demon with glasses, a human agent from a magic agency but who is in no way qualified, and a singing cockroach, must work together to realign 6 magical relics before other dangerous demons reach a powerful crystal. Join this absurd group in their attempt to stop a demon uprising”
                                 series- 5 minutes each episode

                               2d animation mixed with Lego stop-motion hybrid experimental film series

                               main language: Spanish with some English

Script, storyboard, and set fully made and ready to start filming.

Actual filming won't start until after the 2d Rochardo the cockroach test is done. Rochardo has the most complex designs out of the 3 main characters, so if Rochardo's 2d test animation works, then the whole film will be done faster!

Demonic Breach 1 will help me understand the new programs and camera so that I may re-film ONCE BEFORE | part 1| when the spearmint forest re-grows along with being able to properly film for BRAWL.
                                                              STUDIES FOR THE FILM SERIES

This is the first time I'll be using Dragonframe, a DSLR, and 2d characters on top of film footage,  so i'll be making 2 study videos to test out things before I actually start the part 1 film.

Dragonframe test 1 | Rochardo and camera closeup - animation studies

--software study: Dragonframe.
--study: DSLR Camera close-ups, camera movements, item physics, lego-insects integration, hybrid test, lighting


Link to video test 1

Dragonframe test 2 | Rochardo 2d integration on stop-motion - animation studies
--software study: Adobe animate, TV paint, after effects, premiere pro
--study: Disney key framing, 24fps 2d on ones and twos, Klaus type coloring to match lego background, complex Rochardo body physics.

                                            -- test 2 video link will be posted here once it is ready ---


I'll be posting on this log the actual production and on a forum in Brick-a-brack.

this is my first progress post and actual full interaction in Bricks in motion and i wish to become active in this community!

more behind the scenes details alongside how i make the facial animations and 2d sequences will only be shown in my discord server.

Spoiler (click to read)

if you're interested in joining the server, you must join the GARM GANG first by writing GARMADADDY SEMPAI UWU 3 times to pledge your love to the mighty Garmadon! hehe.

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Re: DEMONIC BREACH 1: A Very Short Short -Disney/Klaus 2d mix with Lego

nice! cant wait!

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