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Hey everyone! I recently had an inspiration for an annual end-of-year community event. I've discussed this concept with Rioforce, who found it interesting, but obviously couldn't accept nor reject it at the time, because much goes into starting an event. So I've decided to ask your feelings on it, and get a feel for what the community's interest would be. From January-October, BiM hosts a flurry of brickfilming competitions. However, there is nothing after that until THAC the following year, borrowing the Christmas Collaboration. Every year, brickfilmers from around the world present mesmerizing material, as BiM's 2019 Brickfilm Rewind clearly demonstrates. This, along with the Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival, do an excellent job showcasing the talent of these amazing animators. But what if there was a way to showcase these filmmakers in a whole new way. A contest where they could all face off, and take the title of Brickfilm Champion of the World. A contest with a field of only the world's most elite brickfilmers. A contest that culminates the winners of all the contests of the brickfilming year into one, final, epic showdown. I present to you, The World Brickfilm Championship. This would be a contest comprised of the highest placing brickfilmers from the contests throughout the year. The top 10 of every contest will receive a descending amount of points, with the winner receiving 500 points. If you do not place, you will lose 50 points. A World Brickfilm leaderboard will be posted after each contest, updating the world top 20. At the end of the year, the top 20 brickfilmers, according to their point totals, will be invited to participate. The winner of every contest will receive an automatic bid to the event, regardless of their final score. The top 5 brickfilmers' only restriction when making their film will be a MOD element, while the bottom 15 will have to follow a theme as well. Whichever spots in the contest are vacant, due to someone who is unable or uninterested in participating, will be filled by the next highest scoring brickfilmer. There will also be up to two wild card spots open, which will be offered to two handpicked brickfilmers who did not enter any contests. Obviously this would be a large event to arrange, and the soonest it could be implemented would be 2021, being that we've already begun contests this year. It may be completely not doable, but I think it would be a great way to end the year, and add some competitive spice to the entire contest year. Please leave your opinion on this concept. If enough people would be interested in such an event, then maybe we can make it happen one day!


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Re: World Brickfilm Championship [Brickfilm community event idea]

Wow. That sounds really cool. (Not that I would place even in the Top 5,000,000,000), I like the idea!

Would all the contests considered be BiM?

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Re: World Brickfilm Championship [Brickfilm community event idea]

All the contests on BiM would play into the rankings points. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t extend this out to BaB as well. With only 20 spots available, the field only becomes more elite when you broaden the scopes of who can qualify. Besides, it’s the World Brickfilm Championship, not the BiM Brickfilm Championship!

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but brickman, what about da wink<

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Re: World Brickfilm Championship [Brickfilm community event idea]

I don’t see why not, but hasn’t hosted any events in quite a while. BiM and BaB are the by far the two most active brickfilming communities. Again, this entire concept is only an idea. The reason I posted this is just to get a feel for the community’s opinion on it.

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Re: World Brickfilm Championship [Brickfilm community event idea]

I like the idea of a year-end finale contest, but I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it.

For one, it limits who can participate. Anyone who places in few/none of the contests would be unable to enter, and it would be difficult for anyone who places well in one or two but doesn't enter the rest because they can't or don't want to. As you described it, a brickfilmer would have to enter every contest to have a good chance to participate, which I don't think is fair to anyone with a limited schedule or who isn't interested in all of the contests.

Plus, while the contests are a great thing, they're not the end-all be-all of brickfilming. Many of us don't produce our best works in the contests, but rather on our own time.  So it seems weird to limit a contest to decide the "brickfilm champion" to be decided solely by contest entries.

That's just my two cents. Just to throw this out there, I'd rather we have people submit whatever they think their best film released that year is, whether it be for a previous contest or an original piece. Then again I think that's what BFG does, so maybe we wouldn't want to do the same thing? I dunno; just spitballing at this point.

Re: World Brickfilm Championship [Brickfilm community event idea]

Very good points. I completely agree, BFG does just that, only without a final contest. Which is why I had the inspiration to make it contest based. The field would undoubtedly be better if it were to be made by scouting the internet for the best filmmakers, but that is just too much of a chore, and is why we stopped BiM Awards. The flip side is to look at it like a professional golf major, for example. It doesn’t matter how good of a golfer you actually are, if you don’t play in enough tournaments throughout the year to prove how good you are, you won’t receive an invitation to a major tournament. So if you want to qualify, you have to participate throughout the year. As you said though, this is all just spitballing. I just thought I’d throw this idea out there.

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