Topic: I am Back (With a New Idea)

I am creating a Stop motion Series, Made of LEGO... Similar to and Mostly Inspired by The Harry Potter Films and the 2004 film Van Helsing, This film tells the tale of a Young Lad (Voiced by myself of course), who discovers a Haunted Castle Located in the Heart of English Countryside, however things get out of hand when he wakes up a CURSE; A Curse that Haunted the Castle in the first place. It's Now up to the Young Lad to Put an END to the Curse, Once and for all!

I am currently working on some ideas for the Concept of the film, Especially the Concept Art, In the meantime, I'll be looking for a Crew to be a part of the Project. If anyone wants to be apart of the Project, Message me via Private Message or comment on the forum topic.

Thank you,
Noah "Colleen Dahmer" Boyd

Re: I am Back (With a New Idea)

Sounds like a great idea! Reminds me vaguely of LEGO's own, short lived Monster Fighters line from a few years back. I could definitely see this being a great series.

Just make sure to pace yourself. Working on a brickfilm series is a lengthy process - and requires steadfast dedication. One or two simple breaks could drastically delay or end the production if you're not careful. (I should know...)

Any chance you could tell us any more? Usually people tend to announce projects with a title/some art/character stills too. (Helps hype up the film) So far it seems that you've just got a firm concept. Looking forward to seeing more in the future! mini/smile

Re: I am Back (With a New Idea)

Thanks for your reply, I will release Concept art Shortly