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First-- if this is not the place to post-- I do apologize.

I am based in L.A. and have been a part of the film industry over a decade. I am just searching for potential collaborators and creators to make content with. I am interested in shorts/sketches/ and features. 

I have ties to plenty of working actors on screen and in the voice industry, we could potentially attach some interesting talent to voice the characters.

Are you interested? It would be helpful if you are in the Greater Los Angeles area but it is not mandatory.

All professional quality camera gear and editing.

Thank you!

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I have scripts in my "golden sci-fi" series that need to be made.  If interested, msg me for email address

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I am really happy to open dialogue and hopefully we can make some magic.  Definitely interested, thanks!

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I really appreciate all the responses, I am sorry for not responding to those who want to create tv shows for kids/children.   I probably did not clarify that I am seeking material for adults. Thank you, all!