Topic: Brickfilming STEREOTYPES Collaboration

I have a big thing. Everybody has seen a dude perfect stereotype video, right? If you haven’t, watch this first and then read the rest.
So I’m directing a stereotypes video like this but it’s going to be brickfilming stereotypes.
I want all of the different brickfilmers in the community (well not all) to film one scene for it in their studio, and send it to me.

I’ll write all of it, but I need you guys participation!
If you don’t want to show your face yet, you can still do it but opt for back shots or wear a mask, ie slotborg’s paper mask.

I also may need you to animate a short 2-3 second clip for your scene, but it won’t be anything drastic.

If you’re interested please email me at [email protected]

If I get enough participants I will send you each your short script!

Also in the case of few participants lemme know if you’d be up for filming 2-3 scenes

Please advertise this to other brickfilmers to get maximum participation as few brickfilmers will actually see this in this channel(edited)

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