Topic: CMF: collectible minifigures series

This topic is about all of the different collectible minifigures series. I personally liked the new cmf 19. There are a lot of interesting pieces and new prints.  My favourite minifigure in the series is the explorer because of the new chameleon piece and his resemblance to Johny Thunder.

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Re: CMF: collectible minifigures series

I picked up one of the Johnny Thunder figs for the chameleon and was impressed with the print on his torso and backpack element.

My favorite is the dog walker. Getting two animals is pretty sweet and those cupcake toppers sure look like poop now. Bakeries are going to have to use different bricks from now on...

This series is a lot of fun- there’s a lot of variety in the characters and the new elements are worth having ( to me at least). Reminds me of the first series-almost.

Have fun.