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Hi Guys,

I'm a complete beginner with stop motion, so I would like to share my opinion about a book that I acquire yesterday called "Lego Animation book" by David Pagano and David Pickett, that I think is perfect for a person on my entry level.

Nowadays with youtube and forums as Bricks in Motion is quite easy to find tutorials and information about several steps from Brick Film production.

What I found so unique about that book were the  animation tips and workflows, that I never saw before (maybe because I'm a beginner, but even so very bright ideas) as:
how to capture body language with minifigs,
implementation of some animation principles that I never believed was possible with legos (as a bounce ball squash and stretch exercise all made with bricks),
working with different scales,
and so on and on...

Another example was the suggestion to use a toothpick for subtle wrist movements that make me laugh and opened my mind to be more creative with stop motion production.

For me, this book not only will help me to test the ideas presented plus opened my mind about new workflows that I can develop.

Just would like to share that with the group and  hope that others could find it so helpful and inspiring as myself.

The book is on presales at Amazon but is already available at the publisher site:


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oh, yeah.  I use toothpicks, and even tweezers these days.  Cool that it's in the book.  Pagano of Paganomation is well-known in the Brickfilming community.

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Re: The Lego Animation Book - my impression

I also have a copy of the book.  It could easily be used as a text book for brickfilming.  I wish I had it 9 years ago.  It is a MUST HAVE for anybody that is thinking about getting into LEGO stop motion. Expert brickfilmers might even discover a few techniques to add to their brickfilming arsenal.  There is a ton of information packed into the colorful "how to" book.

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Thanks for the kind words! So glad to see people enjoying the book and finding it useful mini/bigsmile

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yeah i read it too and it was really useful! mini/smile

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I have it too, and although I have been animating for 2-3 years now, there were some parts which were really useful, even at my level (such as the meanings of different hand movements etc.). When I get a camera (probably around March/April of this year! mini/bigsmile) then I will be doing a series of tests, inspired by those in the animation book. That way hopefully not only will I be able to learn my way around the camera, but be more accustomed to some of the tricks shown in the book mini/smile

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Re: The Lego Animation Book - my impression

I got the book for christmas and got me inspired to make brickfilms again.  I really wish I had this when I started! mini/lol

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Re: The Lego Animation Book - my impression

The book is awesome, and very comprehensive! Im new to brickfilming, it was nice to have the book, the book is how i found out about Bricks In Motion! although I wish they talked about VFX! mini/bigsmile