Topic: Buying Power Supply for DSLR camera

One of the very annoying problems while animating is when the battery drains. Whether you can remove the battery easily or not, you will shake the camera inadvertently. Also, it takes near 2 hours to recharge the battery (for my camera).
For these reasons, I decided to buy a power supply.
I have a Canon 750D DSLR. Surfing the web, I found ACK-E18 is what's compatible with my camera.
The question is: there is a $130 model which is Canon's original, and there are some others like TKDY, Gonine, ... being sold for ~ $20.
Is it safe to buy the cheap one? what are the differences?

* I know from a YT video that they work, but Canon doesn't guarantee anything.

There's a comparison table on this page: … B00T3ES1P0

Re: Buying Power Supply for DSLR camera

I asked myself the same question a few years ago. I ended up buying the "no brand"- version of the power supply for my Canon eos 100d for around 15 bucks. I've been using it for over three years now and never experienced any problems.

Re: Buying Power Supply for DSLR camera

Both should be fine. I personally use a not Canon power supply. In general the difference is probably just build quality and branding.

Re: Buying Power Supply for DSLR camera

I bought the cheapest one I could find. Zero problems with performance, but I dropped it once, and it the power supply started to be sporadic, and I had to buy a new one so just be careful with it. Spending $100+ dollars on a power supply is silly. The cheap ones do just fine.