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Hi all! As I'm working on animation, I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to do mouth animation to add more depth. Does anyone have any particular methods that work for them that they'd be willing to share? Anything from mouth stickers to photoshop / after effects, any advice or tips would be appreciated!


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There are many ways to do mouth animation. If you can afford AE, then pretty much all the options are on the table for you. Choose a personal preference of what method you’d prefer, and then just look into the fine details.

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Beware the "mouth phonemes charts" you keep seeing. All the animation books show way too many mouth shapes that nobody ever makes in real life, like putting your buck teeth over your bottom lip for the "F" sound. Go ahead and watch people in real life or freeze frame a video. Nobody ever makes half of the shapes you're told about.

I like to stick to four basic mouth shapes. M (closed mouth) E (horizontal wide mouth) A (say ahhh like at the dentist) and OO (like you're whistling)

I'm also highly opposed to using tweening for mouth shapes, especially for stop-motion. It looks smooth and mushy and doesn't blend with the rest of the picture.

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I completely agree. The only other shape I like is a little bit of the tongue to show for L.