Topic: Tips for Creating Convincing Outdoors Scenes

Currently in pre-production of a rather long film and I'm already forseeing some potential hangups in production that my lack of experience with the medium may cause. Most pressing is creating a good looking outdoor scene that gives the impression of "outdoors" without feeling claustrophobic and not needing to invest my life savings in base plates.

I am comfortable with chroma keying, and plan on shooting with a rather shallow depth of field (6D Mk2 with a 55mm micro lens). But I know I'm not to the first to run into this issue, so what are some ways of helping enforce the feeling of open outdoor space, whether it be set design, shot framing, or camera angles?

Re: Tips for Creating Convincing Outdoors Scenes

The trick, honestly, is a few baseplates, a nice "sky" background, and great lighting.

While not perfectly convincing, I've often often had the main baseplate, then the sky background. ( One of the first times I used that is here. Although I generally avoid "outdoors" shots if possible.

Depth of field will be a big part, keeping that shallow will go a long way to selling the effect.

Forlorn Creature's Behind the Scenes for his "Creepers" series is a good place to start.