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Hello all,

I am putting this together as an challenge to the community, I could really use some help with writing a script for my 3D animations.

My current plans are (4) four videos, each roughly 4-8 minutes long.
Each video will need to have a random subject, however bring focus near the end to a mysterious yellow 2x2 Brick.
I would like to focus on 4 themes, sci-fi military, then city, then 2 others which I will leave to you.
The 4th video will need to combine the first 3 in its plot resolution.
I would like each video to have a protagonist, a secondary character (or pet) and an antagonist that will try to deny access to the 2x2 yellow brick. Each protagonist should be diffrent for each video, but help out together in the end.
The quality of this project will be similar to The LEGO Movie. So lots of action where action is needed, lots of brooding where brooding is needed. Fun!
And lastly, what each scene should look like.

What I need:
1.  A script that is roughly 4-8 minutes long. x4
2. Characters, a short Bio, and what they look like.
3. Scene description.

What I have: see this thread for assets I've already built for the project, they can help give you fuel: … est-shots/

Because I've already spent over a month building these assets I would like to try and use them as much as possible.

I don't have a prize per say, but I can use all of the help I can get!

Winner will ofc get to help on my project (what fun!) and have their name in the credit roll. If its a great script, then I am willing to pay something extra...

Also, do you love being an "extra"? Then your in luck! I could use all of the help you can give, you dont need a powerful PC, but I do need help building assets, which you can use programs such as LDD or Stud.IO to help with the project.


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I can provide voices if you like.

May The Force Be With You!

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Thanks for your help @Starwarsstudio!

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As promised far too long ago, I PM'd you an idea for one of the shorts.
A few notes though:
1. I'm an idiot and wrote "red brick" in the idea, forgetting that you wanted "yellow."
2. I sent just the first idea, but if you like that concept, I can flesh it out into more of a script and work towards the next few.
3. It might be cool to get scripts from several brickfilmers, giving each short a very distinctive feel, but only after the overarching storyline is hammered out. (I'm working on that right now.) Also, for some reason, more serious dramas come far more naturally to me that funny, lighter comedy scripts, so if you're wanting funnier bits, or a lighter tone, you may need to heavily edit it/add another writer.

And as with StarWarsstudio100, I'd be glad to help voice.

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A protagonist, a pet, an antagonist, and a yellow 2x2 brick? This sounds like the perfect ingredients for an @Arginnon short!

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Hey guys, thanks for your help.

I have a discord server for use, head over there to share ideas and connect with the team!