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Thank you! I, too, am more pleased with the result. mini/smile

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that looks really mint!

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Re: Sets and Props Critique Thread Just finished this set that's going to be in an alien themed film that I want to try. The thing that Retox is walking on is the main bridge where  you drive the ship and keep the engine running. I tried making the two walls in the background looking as science fiction-esque as possible, as well as the whole main bridge itself. To make this set I actually used the Lego Coast Guard set as well as the "Toxicity's Toxic Meltdown" set

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Wow, lots of detail! My only criticisms are that it would look better if you use bricks for the walls and then used bricks with studs on the side to add detailing; of course you may not have those type of pieces, which is fine, and in that case, I would keep the walls the same, unless you can change the colours. At the moment there are a bunch of different colours (especially bright ones, which I don't think would really be his style), so I would suggest (if you can) trying to use only 1 or 2 colours and keep it consistent throughout the set.

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Re: Sets and Props Critique Thread
NX-01 Warp Necelle WIP by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr

I'm working on a digital model of the NX-01 Enterprise. Here's my current version of a warp nacelle. (See here for reference)
More pics can be found on my Facebook Page (See Here)

The hard edges make it seem a bit more aggressive than I'd like (Better suited for an I.S.S. Enterprise) and it could probably be longer. What do ya'll think?

(Also, the eyesight renderer in BrickLink's Studio 2.0 is fantastic! Just look at that detail!)

EDIT: Here's the full NX-01 Model. (Version 2)
Lego NX-01 (WIP) by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr

Re: Sets and Props Critique Thread

Looks pretty cool!

Re: Sets and Props Critique Thread
Lego NX-01 Enterprise (Model 3) by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr

Completely redid the back of the saucer section where the nacelles attach. It's not quite as pretty, and ended up blockier than I wanted. However, this one is much sturdier. Still, Bricklink's Studio keeps telling me those single hinges just won't cut it where the nacelles attach to the main body of the ship.

Any advice on adding strength to that hinge connection?

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Maybe add a notched hinge? Those tend to be sturdier than the smooth hinges. Especially if it needs to stay in place and not rotate smoothly. I can't remember what the part number is called, but they exist trust me mini/tongue

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I thought those already were the locking hinges? Should be enough to hold the weight of those nacelles, unless you drop it. … nge%5D#T=C … nge%5D#T=C

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They are all notched hinges.

You're probably right Thistof. Notched hinges are funny things, sometimes I've had them be super strong, and other times, even weaker than the smooth hinges. If I use brand new ones, they could probably hold it well enough.

Adding another on the bottom to match the two on the top would help, but that would mean making the back bigger than I'd like. Might be a nessecary evil.