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Hello, I am planning on making a brickfilm that will end up around 20 minutes long. I realise some people are put off by viseos of such a length so am wondering where the sweet spot would be for splitting it into parts or just releasing it in full. Obviously breaking it up into too many parts would be detrimental so I'd appreciate some advice.

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I may be in the minority here, but I generally prefer longer-form brickfilms. Especially when quality (animation, sets, story, music) isn't sacrificed for the longer running time.

Nathan Wells' Beast and Robinson Wood's Grace are 10 minutes a piece, which is already longer than most brickfilms. But, for the stories they tell, they needed the extra running time.

Doug Vandegrift's America: Outlawed and Pirates, similarly, are around 30 minutes a piece. But I'd consider them some of the greatest brickfilms ever made. Certainly some of my favorites, to say the least.

Uploading a video in parts was generally a way to get around youtube's old video-length limit of 10 (and then 15) minutes. But, this has since been expanded. Also, I know that TLF Scarheart would upload her videos in parts so it could lighten her workload (she'd release each part as she filmed it).

So, unless you want to split it into 2 parts, and edit/release as you go, I'd stick with uploading it whole. Sure, that may turn a few off, but, if the run time is already going to be that long anyway, why not just make it easier to binge at once - without a pesky youtube add between.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll be animating out of sequence for some scenes anyway so it's not like I'd quite be able to release the parts as I made them anyway. Well, lots of work and never enough time, see you round!

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Yeah, you should go with the full 20 minute brickfilm. It's great to watch longer videos, as they actually feel more like movies.

Gamerzone1500's Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Eye is a 47-48 minute brickfilm, but it worked out better as a whole, as did his hour-long epic, LEGO Batman and Indiana Jones: The Movie.

Studioepsilon's Henri & Edmond episodes, 'Plastic Love' and 'Copyright' were 20 minutes and 36 minutes respectively, but they were better that way as well.

Leftfield Studios' Star Wars: The Great Disturbance, a true classic, was over an hour long, and we wouldn't watch it any other way.

TheRisingFreak's The LEGO Hot Fuzz was a 45 minute video, and it was great, as it was a continuous story that wouldn't be as good in parts.

Monitogo Studios' Bound was 50 minutes, as was Johnny Paquette's Coffee and Carnage, and both were immensely enjoyable as whole movies.

All this to say, you should upload as a 20 minute full-length video. While some people may not watch it, they will be impressed by the length alone, and if it ends up being really good, then that'll only make you look better.

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