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I want to study LEGO animation at 12fps. Could I get some recommendations of brickfilms that are well animated that you know were done at 12 (or 24 on twos, but you know what I mean)? Feel free to post your own work.

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When I first started out in 2015, I animated at 6fps, but over the summer of that year, I slowly raised the framerate from one film to another, until the September of that year, when I began animating at 12fps. I really like animating at this framerate. I feel like a surprising amount can be done with 12fps, that a lot of people don't even realize.

I honestly don't think I could name many, at the top of my head, other than Rioforce that animate at 12fps, because I don't tend to think much about the framerate of a brickfilm, if it is well animated, but what Rioforce has managed to achieve at 12fps is incredible, especially with Sola Luna.

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Re: Good 12fps LEGO animation

I feel you can achieve complex movement more easily with twelve FPS. Recently, I decided to switch to this frame rate from fifteen and haven't looked back. Probably the best example of my work done in it is this. Forlorn Creature, rioforce, and Sonjira are some good examples of animators who use this frame rate well. I hardly know many brickfilms, but How to Shower and Creepers are some that fit your description. I'm glad you created this thread. I think it'll spark some interesting discussion.

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Unbridled Mischief from Pongowl is at 12fps and I assume all of his stuff.

I started animating more at 12fps last year because it just suited me more than 15fps. Rioforce and Pongowl do it so well. I hope to get to that level soon.

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Just because I have a lot of brickfilms downloaded on my computer, I thought I'd sort them by framerate to see which ones stick out as having good animation. These are mostly 24 fps, but they use twos for the majority of the animation:

An Arresting Development
Into Mystery Airport Adventure Spot
Temple Raider
The Winterlympic Games
Chuck Norris Facts - Bedtime
Stranger than Fishin'

I wasn't super thorough, and I haven't watched all of these super recently, but hopefully these help.

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DudeBrick wrote:

Unbridled Mischief from Pongowl is at 12fps

Well that's good enough for me!

I'm glad to see 12fps finally getting it's due respect! And I'm overjoyed to make Twickabrick's list! Thank you sir!

I shoot at 12fps and edit at 24, which allows me to keep most of what I've done on twos, but cut into ones mainly for staggers which don't work well at 12fps.

I studied traditional animation in college, and my mentor, as far as animation professors, had been an animator at Disney, Warner, and Don Bluth, so naturally I learned timing in 24 on twos. We numbered our drawings 1,3,5, etc. unless we went into ones. I suppose I'm still holding onto the hope of doing feature animation, which means 24fps, so I've focused on getting comfortable with the timing of 12fps, plus a lot of the books by classic animators discuss timing in terms of 12/24, so I find it helpful not to have to translate their wisdom into the cumbersome 15fps.

15fps also seems like more work, as you have to photograph/draw/render 25% more pictures! And for really negligable results, as we've seen some very masterful animation done at 12fps.

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I used to animate at 15fps, but sometime in my current project I made the transition to 12. It takes less time, and its allowed me to achieve visuals I never would have been able to do otherwise.

Frankly, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Mr. Mingle. He shoots at 24 on twos, and his work is amazing.

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I use 15 fps.

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I've been shooting at 12fps since early 2015 so all my films after that (including Sola Luna) were shot at 12. I really enjoy 12 because it's a good standard. Old cartoons were shot at it, and it feels more cartoony. Though, to be honest and not too 12fps elitist, I haven't found that much difference between 12 and 15 shot properly. Most of the charm from 12 is in the pacing and stylization to me.

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All my films since The Bathtub Challenge have been shot at 12fps, I've personally found - at least with my particular style and workflow - that 12fps is slightly easier to do than 15fps, and while looking similar if not (imo) better than 15fps. I've been interested in doing some more jabs at mixing shots on 2's and 1's for when the action calls for it, but as of late I find I enjoy the way things have looked on 2's more than enough. And like thistof said, in general, most other professional animation from the past to now was done on the basis of 24fps and its divisors, I feel like it just makes more sense for me to be used of the general way of doing things.

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