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There's been this hashtag popular on Twitter lately where people are posting four films that defined them. (#FilmStruck4). Brickfilmers on Twitter have been posting the four brickfilms that define them as well. (You can check some of them out at the hashtag #BrickfilmStruck4 (or #Brickfilm4Struck?).

But I'd like to hear more about the four (or more) brickfilms that define you as a person, as a creative, and as a brickfilmer. List them below and feel free to discuss your favorite parts of the films, why you think they were so influential, and how you see their influence in your work!


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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

Haunting Gibberish at brickfilms wiki
Really influential in the use of music and inventive playful animation

His_Mind's_Account Good special effects (at the time) and brick animations

These ones were absolutely great in cinematography: which drew inspiration from


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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

For me it's easy... Joe Brickmond (series).

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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

LEGO Star Wars: Darth Vader's Christmas Special
Really good animation and funny too. I don't know what it is about it that inspires me... It's just a good brickfilm.

Unbridled Mischief: A LEGO Western Film
I think this one is obvious. It's so well animated, so beautiful with the lighting and all, and the sets are so well made.

The Adventures of Kentucky Jackson
This one is amazing. It has beautiful sets, great writing, great lighting, great voice acting, great sound design, it's hilarious, and oh my gosh the animation is just stunning.

The Magic Portal
Okay obviously this would be on the list, it's one of the first brickfilms ever made and it's great.

Re: Brickfilms that Define You

Hmmm, let me think here ...

We talked about this on the most recent episode of the Frame100 Podcast, so I gotta say that these are the ones. I didn't get to mention all of them on the show but these are a few that have stuck out in my work as a brickfilmer.

The Adventures of Kentucky Jackson: In my eyes, this is the height of quick-paced, off-the-wall humor in brickfilming. One day, I would love to do something like this - big and ridiculous.

Sola Luna: Don't blush Rio, you deserve the admiration mini/tongue I talked about this on the Frame100 Podcast and I mentioned how it completely destroys the myth that Lego is only a toy and can't be used to convey something more meaningful or serious. Plus, it's one of a handful of romantic brickfilms that work so well.

Lego Pizza Delivery: One of the first brickfilms I'd ever seen, and at the time, it blew my mind. The simplicity of it convinced me that I could learn to animate and produce brickfilms, so I credit Mr. Hickox for helping get me into the trade.

Robot Buddy: A BIONICLE brickfilm that got me thinking about comedy and animating with things other than Lego minifigs ... waaaay back in the day. Sadly, iBIONICLE is no longer active, but he had some funny films that sorta just stuck with me.

Re: Brickfilms that Define You

I will expand on what I posted on Twitter. I singled out Mystery of the BoB as a duo film particularly influential on me (BoB served as the blueprint for the skelly), but really I was influenced by almost every major dynamic duo series prior to Benny n' Lee's creation. There are plenty of traces of them and even some scenes or jokes basically lifted in the early Benny n' Lees, so it would be hard to single out more individual films, as it was the influence of the whole lot.

At the time I joined the community, everybody loved the films by the Leftfielders. They just seemed to be in a league of their own for witty writing, which was something to aspire to. The film that resonated with me the most was the all-time classic Aladibababad.

The Jeffery and the Old Man series and Major Malfunction really inspired me to see that there was so much more you could do with the actual animation of LEGO, and that the key to creating animation that was enjoyable to watch wasn't just to make it smooth. I used to just do walking and arm raising, but my animation becoming more involved, zippy, and cartoony was mostly inspired by these.

Taco Trouble is probably my favourite brickfilm, and it and the other Biff and Mario films really inspired the need for adventure in Parallel Panic. They also just have the funniest writing and voice acting, and some neat trippy parts. Also influential in my interest in brickfilm history and making harder to find films available.

Those all inspired the majority of what I make (comedy films), but I have also made some more experimental brickfilms, and I would say the biggest influence on those was the work of A. My favourite by him was always sad yellow robot from outer space.

Re: Brickfilms that Define You

Alright, I'm going to start off by disclosing that these four films are not necessarily my favorite brickfilms, however I like each of them very much. There are many more brickfilms that have had a strong impact on me as well, but for now let's stay within the recommended limit of four.
The Han Solo Affair

The Han Solo Affair is notable in that it was the first brickfilm I ever watched as a child. I remember discovering this gem in a little side column somewhere on the old LEGO website. The simple wonder of the moving minifigs, glowing lightsabers, flashing sparks, and levitating carbonite truly amazed me as a child. This film captivated my imagination and no doubt had the greatest influence on me when I first started animating. The classic look of the sets and characters is also something that I try to reflect in my own films today.
LEGO Mountain Biking

I really love the mood and atmosphere that this film creates. The timing with the music is just so spot-on. It's able to pull off some clever and silly gags without disrupting the cool, sporty tone. This balance of a pretty serious tone with good humor is something that I try to incorporate into some of my films.
The Front

The Front really showed me what storytelling potential the brickfilming medium has. This film has a really strong tone that supports the story well. It blends a meaningful story together with some clever humor.
First Class

First Class is a classic film about a robot that faces a bunch of obstacles on his way to deliver a parcel. I really like the idea of a character that perseveres though so much hardship. The characters in this film are wonderfully imaginative, each possessing their own distinct personality.
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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

Here's my four:
I've always loved Leftfield's brand of humor from all of their videos, but Aladibababad was the first brickfilm of theirs that I ever watched and the one that I keep coming back to as my overall favorite. I honestly can't place anything in particular that inspired me from Aladibababad, but it still remains one of those films that I consider as still having a big impact.
Egyptian Holiday
I love basically everything about this film. Great cinematography, fantastic animation, voice acting, etc etc. Egyptian Holiday was one of those brickfilms that set some sort of standard in my mind for what I want to shoot for when making my own videos.
The Han Solo Affair
I believe I'm not alone in saying this was one of the first brickfilms that I ever saw, way back from when it was up on the LEGO website. I don't know how many times my sister and I would watch this on repeat, but it was quite a few, and this definitely influential in getting me interested in brickfilming in the first place.
The Lost Tales of Monkey Island
There was a point in time (2009/2010ish?) when I would browse to find random videos to watch, and this was one of my favorites back then. I watched it quite a few times (both parts), and then proceeded to completely forget it existed. I ran across it a little while ago, and I'm really glad I did, since this was another of those old films that charmed me with its quirkiness, despite the overall low production quality.

Re: Brickfilms that Define You

Lego - The Force Unleashed was the film that led to my awakening to the brickfilming world. I had seen a couple brickfilms before, but until my friend showed me this video I never really realized what I was watching, let alone that there was a whole online community dedicated to it.

Unrenewable showed me that brickfilms could be more than goofy little videos. The idea that brickfilms are in fact "film". I saw it not to long after discovering brickfilms, before I had even tried animating myself, and it blew my freakin' mind.

The quick witted, absurdist comedy in Keshen's Days of Our Pizza is a long time inspiration for the kind of comedy I try to put in my shorts.

Egyptian Holiday, by Spencer Katz, is my favorite brickfilm. I had only been brickfilming for about a year when it came out, and it totally changed my idea of what a brickfilm could be. The biggest thing that I take from it is the amount of character that comes out in the animation and voice acting. And the lighting, man mini/love .

A more recent film that's gotten me thinking about animation more creatively is The Feud of Brick Hill by ForlornCreature. The dramatic pacing of the movements to convey extreme emotions in an overly cartoony fashion is something I'm trying to incorporate more into my own work.

Re: Brickfilms that Define You
America: Outlawed
Both Pirates and America: Outlawed will always have a big place in my heart. Pirates was actually one of the first brickfilms I ever saw, but my favourite out of the 2, and definitely the one that has influenced me the most is America: Outlawed. It has the perfect blend of drama and comedy, and overall is just such a fun film to watch. I can easily watch this film every few weeks, without ever getting fed up with it!
One of the most dramatic brickfilms ever made, topped with some of the best fight choreography, Grace is a classic in every sense of the word. From the great writing, the brilliant animation, beautiful cinematography and a gripping story, there is just so much to come back to every time you watch. Along with America: Outlawed, this is one of the films I could have on repeat!
Faithless is easily one of the most underrated brickfilms ever made. Although I'd say Grace is the better film by a small fraction, I love these films about equal. For being made back in 2006, it has aged incredibly well, with digital effects, and cinematography able to compete with anything made today. But the thing I love the most about this film is the gradual unfolding mystery. I always admire a film that allows you to learn at the same pace as the leading character, and Faithless is a perfect example of that done well. I go more in depth as to what I love about this film in the World of Brickfilms Podcast.
The Henri and Edmond series is easily one of my favourite brickfilm series, and Copyright is the best of the 3. It's one of the funniest brickfilms ever made, whilst also being very meaningful. There is a surprising amount of depth and heart to the film, among all the wacky comedy and action, with production values matching that of Aardman. And how about that catchy theme tune? I could just listen to that tune on repeat by itself!

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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

What brickfilms define me as a person? That's a really tough one. If I was defining what type of brickfilms define my brickfilming style... admittedly, I would have to say Michael Hickox films. All my films on my channel are really uncreative and pointless. I've been working on a few writing projects to improve mine and make them either less juvenile and more emotional. So maybe I will do brickfilms that inspired me for my upcoming projects?

So...Uhh... Here we go!

The first one I have on this list is LEGO Sheep by studiosepsilon … jqKZG7eOAK
LEGO Sheep is by far, my favorite brickfilm of all time. It manages to convey a series of emotions. From sadness, awkwardness, curiosity, and joy, Sheep is packed full of emotion. And it manages to deliver a message that people who say your stupid for not fitting in, are actually really stupid themselves. The animation is beautiful, and the lighting is fantastic. The creator was also really creative to use LEGOs as just a medium of animation and chose to make a film about sheep rather than LEGOs.

Egyptian Holiday by mobdeli
You folks probably don't know this but, I have a crazy love for theme parks. And despite it being a kid's park, Legoland is one of my personal favorites. (Especially with the addition of the Ninjago ride). And the song that suddenly starts playing from the car we hear in the beginning, is the exact same song from one of thair iconic rides. I was immediately sucked into the story. The characters were really developed, a common flaw in most brickfilms. I could really tell everything about their personalities and laughed all the way through. I want to strive to make my characters deep and entertaining, even in a short little LEGO brickfilm.

Sola Luna by rioforce
The reason I love this brickfilm is that it defied the standard for brickfilms. This isn't just a good brickfilm, this is a good film. The first time I watched it, I literally broke down crying, no joke. I also loved rio's attention to detail. Every sound in the film was accurate and necessary for the reaction I had. While most brickfilms make absurd comedies that make literally no sense, Sola Luna made a brickfilm that yanks at your heartstrings.

Bound by MonitogoStudios … mp;index=8
Here's something you don't see every day. A feature-length Christian brickfilm. I loved this film when I saw it for the first time. It's entertaining, funny, and has a pretty darn good story. The characters could have been a little bit better, and the voice acting wasn't the greatest, but it was still an exceptional film. It's inspired me more towards incorporating messages and mediators into more of my films. I hope to start making films with more of a serious tone, rather than the goofy tone I have been doing.

So there you go. That's my list. I literally spent an hour writing this when I could have been brickfilming. So... yeah.
Make good brickfilms guys!

Re: Brickfilms that Define You

Good grief, there are so many things that influence my art! I'd say that brickfilms are lower on the list than other forms of influence (cartoons, movies, video games, real life), but I do have a list of majorly influential brickfilms. I'd say that none of these influence all of my art, but most influence parts of my art. I'd go as far as to say that sometimes the individual films themselves aren't the influence, but the conglomerate of the films made by a certain creator. Anyway, here's the four I've selected:
Indiana Scones and the Quest for the Platinum Waffle by eanimation

The jokes, the humor, the fact that as a kid I completely ripped off this video and made a clone of it... those are the things that influenced me the most. This also goes hand in hand with eanimation's "An Average Death Star Day." The comedic timing and the unexpected and on the nose jokes get me every time. A memorable joke from Indiana Scones is found at 1:23. "Carrying guns is a safety hazard, so I'll carry more than one!"
Tender Family Moments: Reading is FUN by SpastikChuwawa

What can I say, I'm a sucker for goofy comedy. This film was introduced to me in 2011 I think and I watched it over and over again because it's just so good! I feel like it definitely influenced my comedy and filmmaking. The off the wall humor found in such simple things is great. "'With a library card, you have the key to worlds of learning an adventure!' 'What a concept!'"
A Date with Julie by A Repelling Spider
A lesser known film, A Date with Julie helped me get back into brickfilming in 2013. I found the link on some blog and I was like "wow, this film is super well done!" Repelling Spider led me to Squid who informed me of BRAWL and THAC which led me to enter! It's pretty obvious that the ending had influence on Sola Luna. And we all know, I just love touching endings to movies. (See: Sola Luna, MECH, Race of a Legend, Immature Antics of an Evildoer, and even Spirit of the West. mini/wink )
Sharks and Clowns by Squid
Speaking of Squid, this is one of his masterpieces. It was hard to choose between this and Leprechauns in France because they were both SUPER influential, but this one seemed like the one. It has parts which are seemingly random, but they're all just part of a wildly fantastical world created by Harrison.

Honorable Mention
Only Human by JonnDthunDer
This wasn't as influential as the three other films listed here, but it definitely played a part in influencing Sola Luna. It's a great film.

There are so many more brickfilms, but I couldn't possibly dig up every brickfilm I've ever seen that influenced me in some way.

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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

As a started to grow older I needed an excuse to hold on to my Lego collection because I didn't play with them anymore, I would just display them on shelves or store them away. I enjoyed building things with Lego, whether MOCs or sets, but once I found brickfilming I knew I found something special. There were many brickfilms that helped to get me started in brickfilming, but the following five films are ones that I have picked out to be the most influential in inspiring me to start brickfilming.

Country Buildin'
by Paganomation

My introduction to brickfilming all started with a Lego Club DVD I got in the mail because of my subscription to the magazine. On it were various videos promoting the current Lego themes. But what caught my eye the most were the brickfilms. I really enjoyed the animated music videos by Paganomation. I would watch them over and over again. His brickfilm, Country Buildn', intrigued me the most because it used big, brick-built figures instead of minifigures. This brickfilm showed me the creativity and possibilities of brickfilming. 

Adventures of Max - LEGO Universe

I also really enjoyed Paganomation's Adventures of Max series on the DVD. These videos were fun and quirky. I enjoyed watching Max interact with all of my favorite themes. I was always curious about where he would end up next. The Adventure of Max I chose was not made by Paganomation, (if anyone knows who made it please let me know!) but this one has always been one of my favorites. I was really in to the Lego Universe game at the time, and still look back to the game for inspiration in my creativity. After watching the DVD, I became very intrigued at how the brickfilms were made and started looking up brickfilms on youtube.

NNN - The End of Sports
by Nightly News at Nine (now Brick 101)

One of the first brickfilms I found online was the Nightly News at Nine series. I really enjoyed Pickett's series and was amazed at the out of socket animation. His video on the end of sports was a classic for me because I wasn't really in to sports and to see them done away with was funny to me. I also entered his police show contest which challenged me and helped me develop my animating ability.

How to Not Rob a Bank
by Annoying Noises Productions (or Squid)

Another brickfilmer that I found was Squid. His videos were crazy and fun which inspiried me to start telling any kind of story that came into my head, whether it was a knights quest or some toys going on a march. Squid's video How To Not Rob a Bank was my favorite because of how wacky and insane it was. It starts off with two friends on a bench and ends up in a chaotic battle. I also liked all the weird names Squid came up with. 

There were lots of other brickfilmers that helped to inspire my creativity and my interest in brickfilming, like Brotherhood Workshop, Loïc, and Fancy Pants, but these brickfilms/brickfilmers I feel were the beginning catalysts for my journey in brickfilming.:) I can look at my animations today and see where these early experiences shaped my animating style and passion!

Wow! I do brickfilms too!!
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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

I've been collecting Lego now since I was 11. Going on more than a decade, Lego has still stayed very influential to me. Probably more now than ever.

This is a cool thread, and I'm starting to feel the nostalgia.

Here's my top 4 influential films:

Lego Clan Uncut
Lego Clan Uncut is by far one of my biggest influences. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned. It was created by Jonny Paquette and took 6 years to make. This 32 minute brick film is by far one of my favorite brick films of all time, also being one of the earliest ones I saw when I first learned about stop motion. This influenced me into doing stop motion using my old webcam as my camera and windows movie maker. The films quality not being anything special had even greater influence, allowing me to know that even without amazing quality the film still holds up so well. The production design, the characters, and the distinctive voices are all so special to me. I still watch it for influence to this day.

Coffee and Carnage
The second film of Jonny Paquette. Just as amazing, and hits right at home. The nostalgia is all there from Lego Clan Uncut, but now there are voice actors, who did an amazing job to say the least and really help make this movie shine. It's funny, gritty, and really out there. Reminds me of a Tarantino film only in Lego stop motion. An absolute must watch.

Although it's been mentioned, this is another great and influential film. Great little brick film that goes for about 10 minutes in length. Love the whole vibe of the film and just something that to this day I go back to and watch.

Unrenewable by SmeagolStudios was one of most influential brick films going hand in hand with Lego Clan Uncut when I had upgraded my webcam to the C920 finally a HD webcam. Finding bricks in motion this going back more than 7 years ago. Really loved the film and still go back to this day and watch it.

There's so many more. But these are some of my biggest influences.


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Re: Brickfilms that Define You

There are many cool responses in this thread, and I love to see how much variety there is in the films that have been mentioned. To respond to Divine, I like to see someone mention The LEGO Clan. It felt like one of the "big" films when I was first watching brickfilms, but I haven't really ever seen it brought up since. I think it is one of those films that now doesn't look up to much at first, but if you're willing to give it a chance, it will draw you in.

Re: Brickfilms that Define You

Some brickfilms that influence(d) me

How to Not Rob a Bank by Annoying Noises Productions
          Influenced me to make weird lego videos. I love the rest of his stuff as well, but this was the big one. So many random things in this video. You can see a bit of influence it had on me in my film Lego Batman: Aqua Knight of Atlantis and my newer film Lego Space Police: Dystopian Future. The comedy, action, animation, music by Elizabeth Allen, voice-acting, and everything about this is the standard I will attempt to achieve one day.

LEGO Christmas "Chestnuts, Figgy Pudding, and a Maniac" and Lego Arctic by Pushover Productions
          These films are influencing the scripts I'm working on right now, which are original stories. Has great animation, great story-telling, and lots of randomness! I love that he can take a common story idea and branch it out into a unique masterpiece. Super underrated guy; check him out. He needs to make brickfilms again.

Lego Batman: Green Lantern & Shazam by BrickTavernFilms
          Black Mask was the first film that I discovered by BrickTavern, which I loved. Then I went through all of them and saw this one. It has like 5 heroes and 3 villains, and even a book club! It also has a great story that causes the 12 minutes to feel shorter than they are. Very entertaining. The best scene was the water chase. So simple of a technique but he makes it believable and awesome!

Lego Space Police by Paganomation and the Lego Group.
          This is the big one. The series of brickfilms that inspired me to become a brickfilmer. They're still great to me. I want all those figures and sets. My favorite parts of the saga are Episode 3 and 4 because as a kid they gave me chills and are original stories told well.

The Great Invention (unfinished) by OBS animations
          The vibe of this one, and the smooth animation, and lighting, and song choice are incredible. One of the greatest experiences I had watching a brickfilm. One of the greatest brickfilms of all time, right here. My advice would be to watch it at night with the lights off for the full effect.

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