Topic: New LEGO xtra Polybags at LEGO Store

Went into the Lego Store today and found these awesome polybags for £2.99 each. There's quite a few different varieties, and I bought a load. If you have a Lego Store near by, I highly recommend buying a few bags worth of them.

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Re: New LEGO xtra Polybags at LEGO Store

Aw man, I was just at my LEGO store yesterday to grab some collectible minifigs. mini/blankexpression

Re: New LEGO xtra Polybags at LEGO Store

I think I heard they were UK only... I cant go to the LEGO Store to confirm sadly because I live nowhere near one, but these look super awesome. Is it a plan by LEGO to get rid of all their old plants so they can completely switch to sugar cane based plastic for plants, or are they just really nice to us right now for some reason? mini/tongue

EDIT: That last sentence made no sense because I realized that the photo you posted had no plant parts in it. I've seen other polybags just like that from that "theme" prominently featuring plants.

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Re: New LEGO xtra Polybags at LEGO Store

I was in the LEGO store at Disneyland a couple weeks ago and they didn't have them, I would have bought a bunch if they had.

Re: New LEGO xtra Polybags at LEGO Store

Heard about those, will definitely pick some up when I visit my nearest store later this month!

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