Topic: Small set-building techniques

I've been wanting to do more brickfilms recently, but I've moved to a small apartment and I don't really have an area designated for animating and the like.

Does anyone have some good tips on building sets that don't take up very much space?

Re: Small set-building techniques

Take Nathan Wells' advice:

Bricks in Motion: Building Sets - Size Matters

Re: Small set-building techniques

Use those limitations to develop a style. I know it's easy to see other brickfilmers with GIANT elaborate sets, but you don't have to be them. You can use forced perspective to make things look larger, or just film using your scale limitations. I dont have a ton of space, usually I just film within a 2x4 foot area. It's not that difficult. Most of the time I don't need huge sets and can use a 48x48 baseplate to contain a whole scene. Then when you're done, tear it down and rebuild. It helps to have a shot list and everything planned out so you can shoot out of order for that also.

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