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Firstly, I’d like to thank each and every individual who entered the contest. (And even a thanks to those who couldn’t finish in time) You each deserve a round of applause and a pat on the back. It isn’t easy to reschedule an entire weekend for animation – yet each of you were able to work on something great!

Thanks for all of the nice words and stellar entries. You all deserve your digital certificates! mini/smile

For those interested, here’s my disconnected, unscripted, and awkwardly pre-recorded live stream announcement & random prize draw: SHAC Announcement Video

Here are the final rankings:
1st Place – No Bargain
by Gold Brick Productions

    No Bargain is one of the best made brickfilms I’ve seen in the past few years. The story of a lawyer gripped with an inner conflict on whether or not to extend the trial is not only a unique interpretation of the theme, but is also a great way to dramatically teach a moral about upholding justice. Great Work!
2nd Place – Powerless
by William Osborne

    Powerless is a truly genuine and humorous take on a brickfilmer stuck during a power outage. The sets are well made, and the unique object animation (match lighting, anyone?) is really something to behold! The animation and lighting really add to the comedy, making this another excellent entry!
3rd Place – The Quarrel Concerning the Kid
by Mark Nelson Movies

    Quarrel, while stuck to a single unchanging shot, is complimented by the excellent music and fantastic inserts. This one definitely had me singing along on repeat viewings. The animation, while limited, is smooth and pleasant to look at. A great music video for a great song and a great entry!
4th Place – Ketchup v Mustard
by pjlegomotion

    Ketchup v Mustard’s mouth animations were a nice addition, setting itself apart from the other entries. The story, too, felt unique and only got better and better as the film progressed. The set design and lighting really shines in the final 3rd, which sees the two bitter rivals come together in compromise with an invention I’m sure we all love – Ketchard. Mmmm!
5th Place – Halfway There
by BertL

    A BertL film? It can’t be! But it is! mini/smile The classic brickfilm vibes steam off of this one. The simple plot and dialogue are excellently accented by the stark color changes halfway through. A very artful comedy, and a great entry, at that! I love to watch this one over and over.
6th Place – Mur Noir et Blanc
by 4clem4

    Although some may not understand the all French dialogue, the story, effort, and humor that make this brickfilm enjoyable still shine through. The talking wall was a nice touch that gave the film an unexpected twist. I’d love to see such a story continue, as the characters and situation were good enough to warrant a sequel!
7th Place – X
by Deltabrick

    X’s lack of dialogue and heavy use of post production snow give an otherwise simple premise a slow, suspenseful, and engaging pace. The tension builds and builds all within just a few minutes – leading to one of the most shocking climaxes I’ve seen in animation. Great job – I’m sure this was just as fun to make as it is to watch. The animation and sound design, especially, are superb.
8th Place – Mission: Compromised
by Beatupbricks productions

    Mission: Compromised was one of the first entries submitted. As soon as I saw it, I just knew it would rank highly. The lighting in the outdoor shots are inspirational, as is the camera work! The mod element is excellently placed in-context, and the overall viewing experience is pleasurable, to say the least!
9th Place – The Coolest Samurai
by CurlyNarNar

    The Coolest Samurai is perhaps the quirkiest entry, but it is also one of the most enjoyable. The sets, brick-built text inserts, and voice acting all make the viewing experience that much more enjoyable. Great entry and good fun!
10th Place – Blue or Yellow
by Raptor Studios

    The brick replacement wall painting is a cool trick I’d love to see more brickfilmers utilize. The story of Blue or Yellow is simple, as is its execution – which is a plus! The animations are fitting, and really add to the comedy. This is one of the most visually colorful entries, and is a fun watch.
11th Place – LEGO Pet Shop
by Arginnon

    Pet Shop probably has the most unique LEGO pieces of all entries here, as does it have some of the best lighting & color grading. The deep warmth gives off a homely vibe to the pet store, and the classic animal parts make for a fun re-viewing. The music, too, excellently matches the story onscreen, and accents the wacky ending fit for a mad scientist.
12th Place – Compromised
by Brickman

    Compromised, while ranked not in the top 10, is just as good (if not better) than many of the entries on this list. The plot is unique, the animation is good, and the sets and lighting are some of the best presented. The continuing frustration in the voice acting helps the audience to put themselves into the main character’s shoes – as we’ve all had a bad day where nothing seems to go right. It does beg the question, though… Who was ringing that gong anyhow?
13th Place – Tha Fight
by Jo Co

    Tha Fight reminds me of the first brickfilms I made with my brother exactly 10 years ago now. While the sets were often limited to the bricks I had available, I was still able to pull of complicated hallways and big buildings. The same goes for Tha Fight. The animation (and unique brick built blood effects), rising tension, and action are all really great here. Tha Fight is one of my personal favorites here! I’ll be sure to watch it for years to come!
14th Place – Ecotallica
by Shawarma Studios

    What more can be said of a compromised between Environmentalists and a Heavy Metal Band? – The premise of Ecotallica is kooky, and the animation is smooth and fitting. The set, while unchanged throughout, gives off the impression of a bright sunny day, perhaps just before sundown. That, or they’re all living in the Fake Cheese universe! mini/wink
15th Place – The SHACompromise
by Joshua Nelson

    SHACompromise has the homely feel of a Brickfilmer having some fun one weekend. The lighting is nice and uniform, and the rap is humorous. As an entry, the compromise isn’t the focus, but the story, animation, comedy, and characters sure are fun! A great entry indeed!
16th Place – Spiderman: The Musical
by Angel Hair

    ‘Ol Spidey is at it again, only this time, he plays a selection of music to please the usually disturbed J. Jonah Jameson. This classic rivalry was a perfect vehicle to use for interpreting the contest theme, and led to a fun, if short, entry. Animation is comical and the experience is fun. I’ll definitely give this one some repeat watches as well! Big thumbs up.
17th Place – com promise
by rioforce

    Rio… Rio… Rio. If only you could have given us a sign before blessing us with a true masterpiece! This here is the pinnacle of art. Nothing will ever top it. And nothing will ever come close. If the sequel isn’t 10 hours, than I shall truly weep at what the world will have missed.

Great job to everyone!

A special thanks goes out to the other judges for making this contest possible!

17 entries is a great turnout! Can’t wait to see you all next year with the SHAQuel!

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Awesome job with this contest Dyland! And congrats to all the winners! This was a lot of fun.

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Congratulations everyone! Thank you so much Dyland for hosting and creating this contest. I also thank you for such thoughtful comments on each and every entry.

SHAC II anyone? mini/wink

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Raptor Studios wrote:

SHAC II anyone? mini/wink

I'm all for it!

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Updated rankings listings to show creator name beneath film title. Also, clicking on each picture will take you directly to that film.

Thanks for the interest in a sequel contest, guys! mini/smile I had a lot of fun with the contest this year, and look forward to continuing it in the future.

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I am honoured to have placed second, thank you so much mini/bigsmile I had a lot of fun taking part and would definitely be for a SHAC II next year!

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Yeah, that was a right laugh, certainly up for more if it's on offer!

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Good job, everyone who entered, and everyone who helped on judging the SHAC entries. Also, congrats Chris!

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Thank you to all the judges, and congrats to everyone who entered, you all did a very good job and a lot of good entries. I'm starting to think I should've took the time to add music to my film and make it more interesting, well, there's always Next Year! mini/wink

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Nice job everyone, and kudos to the winners! Great work Dylan mini/bigsmile

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Thanks again for hosting this contest, Dylan. It was a blast and it was awesome watching all the entries come together! mini/smile

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just had to wake up for this good email from shaq and the shaq team. very cool

we're all in this together

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Congrats everyone! mini/smile

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I didn't even know the results were announced until just now. mini/eek Congrats everyone!

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*Updated results list to have links to BiM profiles.

3 of the 4 CMF prizes have been revealed! They were:

and Check out William's video for his unboxing!

Next year, I'm planning on holding the contest towards the end of March, rather than at the start, to give everyone some more cool down time from THAC. mini/lol

See you all then!

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SHAC is the new EASTER

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