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Philip Heinrich: A man of many identities. Whenever he says he's going out on a date, he's actually animating as Michael Hickox. Whenever he says he's working on Amby, he's fighting crime as Possum man. Whenever he says he's the owner of Bricks in Motion, he's well... the owner of Bricks in Motion. (Two out of three ain't bad)

We now start the adventure with Philip Heinrich as he's showering while Peter the Panda Mailman stares into his soul... Let's try that again... We now start the adventure with Smeagol as he tries to retake the one ring of power... Third time's the charm... We now start the adventure with Smeagol Hickox as he animates the last part of his film. There was a knock on the door. Smeagol quickly blocked the set with a curtain and answered it.

???: "Uh, hey."

Smeagol: "Benny?"

Benny: "How do you know my name?"

Smeagol: "Because I've watched Benny n' Lee."

Benny: "How do you know his name?"

Smeagol: "Why are you here?"

Benny: "Uh, it's this ambulance. It's gone raving mad and is attacking people."

Smeagol: "Does it happen to have eyes and a mouth?"

Benny: "Uh, yeah."

Smeagol: "Amby..."

Benny: "Well, I'd better get going..."

Smeagol closed the door and turned to the curtain. "This was the third time this week" he noted. Right as he was about to move the curtain, the door bell rang.

Smeagol: "Penta?"

Penta: "Have you seen my Benny and Lee figures?" (Don't ask why he traveled halfway around the world to ask Smeagol this)

Smeagol: "So my eyes weren't tricking me. Yeah, Benny knocked a minute ago."

Penta: "Knocked?"

Smeagol: "Yep."

Penta: "Too much vodka?"

Smeagol: "Nope."

They hear a strange noise inside.

Penta: "What was that?"

Smeagol: "I would prefer not knowing, but..."

He goes inside and sees Peter the Panda Mailman getting sucked down the drain.

Peter: "Make it look nice..."

Smeagol: "What. Are. You. Doing. In. My. House?"

His mask tares off to reveal Dyland.

Dyland: "Really, really long story."

Smeagol was so confused he could barely move. Suddenly, there was crashing and yelling in the other room...


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Author, my interpretation of this story highly depends on one fact, which Dyland appeared in this passage?

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Ha ha, what a story Weasel. mini/tongue

Seriously, though. I need to see this continue... And hopefully be turned into a brickfilm later down the line. So odd, yet funny.

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hehe. I can tell this is going to be good mini/tongue

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When this story's done, I'd be interested in animating it. I'll probably regret that, but this story is just to amazing to let pass. mini/tongue

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Smeagol rushed in with Dyland right being him. There before them was Skelly pinning down Penta with a scary looking cutlass in hand.

Skelly: "Tell me! Were. Is. The. Fake. Cheese?!"

Penta: "I told you! You ate it all!"

Skelly: "You're lying!"

Penta: "Since when did I make you so violent?"

Skelly: "... You have a point..."

He let the cutlass fall to the ground.

Smeagol: "What made you come here?"

Skelly: "Isn't it obvious?"

Smeagol: "Penta?"

Skelly: "Of course!"

Smeagol: "Okay, but how did you know he was here? In my apartment?"

Skelly: "..."

Smeagol: "Hmm?"

Skelly:" I...Uh..."

Skelly suddenly exploded.

Dyland: "... What a mess..."


Robber: "Gimme all your money man!"

???: "Isn't your salary enough?"

Robber: "Uh..."

???: "Of course it is. Now, instead of robbing your comrades, why don't you go steal from 'Safe'way. I bet they have a lot of money in those safes."

Robber: "Okay."

He strode off only to get hit by a Safeway truck.

Buffer Man who was with them laughed.

Buffer Man: "I guess Safeway robbed him of his life!"

Robber: "I'm okay!"

???: "Or not."

Buffer Man: "What was that notification a minute ago about?"

???: "The detonation of Skellybot 382. He was in a... pickle."

Buffer Man: "Pickle?"

???: "You don't know what that means?"

Buffer Man: "Oh I do, but-"

???: "He was kinda forced to reveal the truth so..."

Buffer Man: "About what? To whom?"

???: "About everything to Penta."

Buffer Man: "Penta?! He has been found?!"

???: "Indeed. It is time I deal with that man. He ditched me for his other " better" YouTube channel."

Buffer Man: "You mean sillypenta?"

???: "That's right. Mark my words Sean! stupidpenta will rise!"

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Penta: "What's caused this change in my creation's attitudes?"

Smeagol: "I'd love to know. And don't forget Amby."

Penta: "Amby?"

Smeagol: "Yeah. I've heard she's gone raving mad."

Penta: "Wasn't she always a little..."

Smeagol: "Well, she never attacked people."

Penta: "Could this thing with Skelly and Amby be linked?"

Smeagol: "I wouldn't doubt it. Oh, Dyland, what were you doing in...there?"

Dyland: "I uh... Was..."

Smeagol: "Was?"

Dyland: "Just... Cleaning..."

Smeagol: "In a Peter The Panda Mailman costume? Were did you even get that?"

Dyland: "Fine, fine. I'll tell you everything. So it began when my vacuum cleaner told me to enter The House of The Heinrich,and the first Heinrich I thought of was you. So a blew five hundred bucks to fly over here and as soon as I stepped out of the airport, I got mugged! Would you believe it? Three big burly men, held me upsidedown and shook the dickens out of me. Stole my credit card, iPhone, stuffed bear, everything! And all I got was this lousy T-shirt-er, Panda the Pet- *Ehem* Peter The Panda Mailman costume. They left me with that. So I traveled over to your house, removed your window, climbed in, stared at you animating as MICHAELHICKOXFilms,(hope you heard everyone) and... Right. So I noticed a message written on your bathroom door, but as I got closer it began to fade. I decided to take a peek to see if you used Magic Portal™ brand towels, and right as I was about to check, something started sucking me down your sink's drain! And that's when you arrived."

Smeagol: "So basically you're telling me you've been drinking?"

Dyland: "Well..."

Smeagol: "I'm not so sure you're mentally stable."

Dyland: "But I'm being honest."

Smeagol: "Even the vacuum cleaner part?"

Dyland: "Even that. You never question a vacuum."

Smeagol: "Think he's been drinking?"

Penta: "Totally. It's written all over him."

Smeagol: "I can see it."

Dyland: "See what? What is this? Who drew on me?!"

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I can't remember if it was three big burly men, or a stealthy army of 48 ninjas... Either one sounds about right. mini/lol

This story just keeps getting funnier and funnier. mini/smile

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Is Philip Heinrich actually Micheal Hickok???

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stupidpenta: "What random evil deed shall we do Buffy?"
Buffer Man: "The name is Buffer Man."
stupidpenta: "Buffy, Buffer Man, it's all the same..."
Buffer Man: "No it's not."
stupidpenta: "In your eyes."
Buffer Man: "Anyway, I think we should rob a bank."
stupidpenta: "Rob a bank?"
Buffer Man: "Yeah."
stupidpenta: "Isn't that what average criminals do?"
Buffer Man: "Yeah."
stupidpenta: "Are we average?"
Buffer Man: "You have a point."
stupidpenta: "Now what we should do is have our revenge on sillypenta."
Buffer Man: "Haven't we gone over this?"
stupidpenta: "Mr. Willis ditched me for his other channel! That can't go unpunished!"
Buffer Man: "He said he can't access it."
stupidpenta: "That is merely an excuse! He prefers sillypenta and I know it!"
Buffer Man: "How can I work with you if you're always making up lies?"
stupidpenta: "I'm not!"
Buffer Man: "That's a lie right there."
stupidpenta: "Aarg!"
Buffer Man: "Pirate."
stupidpenta was steaming with fury.
Buffer Man: "Yar har, fiddle dee di..."
stupidpenta: "We are number one. ANYWAY, when's the next batch of Skelly bots suppost to arrive?"
Buffer Man: "Oh I wouldn't know that."
Buffer Man: "I am?"
Buffer Man: "Stop it. These Lazytown memes are getting old."
stupidpenta: "But you started it!"
Penta: "I believe you drew on yourself."
Dyland: "What? Why would I do that?"
Penta: "Because you're drunk."
Dyland: "You all keep saying I'm drunk."
Smeagol: "Well..."
Penta: "Oh, one thing AlphaWeasel. The BiM rules say to not impersonate other members. This is impersonation."
AlphaWeasel: "SHH! DON'T LET THE MODS HEAR! Woops. Didn't want caps..."
rioforce: "We heard."
AlphaWeasel has been banned from Bricks In Motion.
AlphaWeasel: "Wait! What about the story?"
rioforce: "What story?"
AlphaWeasel: "A Bricks in Motion Fanfiction?"
rioforce: "Oh. Well that's the whole reason I banned you."
AlphaWeasel: "Wait a minute, this IS A Bricks in Motion Fanfiction!"
Penta: "And it's going to be public."
Smeagol: "Guys, we need to chill for a minute. This story's getting too jumbled."

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Bump. Is more of this coming, Weasel? It's been great so far.

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Undershadow Productions wrote:

Bump. Is more of this coming, Weasel? It's been great so far.

I haven't checked this thread in so long. mini/shifty I've been quite busy and haven't found time to work on this story, but it's far from dead. I'll certainly make more.

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Dangit Weasel! mini/lol