Topic: What about STUD.IO?

Is it usefull?
It works well?

Re: What about STUD.IO?

Useful for what?

Only you can know what you need it for and if it works well if you don't give us context.

I'd say try it out for yourself, it's free. Then you can report to us if it's a good program.

Alternatives are LDD and MecaBricks (which seem better than tbh).

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Re: What about STUD.IO?

I can testify that It's very useful for purchasing off Bricklink, but I prefer to build in LDD and import it because I already know LDD. I Also find LDD more user-friendly as the parts in STUD.IO quite hard to find.

Re: What about STUD.IO?

I like better than LDD. For me, the parts are much easier to find because they are in Bricklink categories which I understand a lot better than the way LEGO organizes things.

I really like the interface as it feels more like a CAD interface than LDD ever did and it crashes less often for me.

Also, I was able to install it on my work computer where LDD was blocked for some reason. mini/smile