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So I've been interested in LEGO animation for a while now. Recently I spent about 8 days on a build project that I really pleased with and wanted to share. But instead of just sharing it, I would love to hear feedback. Where you think I could improve technique wise. I have done a few animations before but nothing on this scale, and they were all a while back now.

Here is the link if you wouldn't' mind checking it out, but remember I would like to improve and adjust for the future.

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Re: Suggestions for improvements requested

Welcome to BiM MrWomble! BiM is a great place to ask for advice and feedback so I'm sure you'll find it quite helpful. I quite enjoy stop motion animations of sets being built and this one was no different.  Your animation could use some work, and there's a lot of light flicker, but your posing is great. I really liked when the bag tried to grab the spaceship and then fell over around 1:57.

Way's to improve: practice your animation more, study animation principles, and find a room where you can block out as much natural light as possible. Since the sun is constantly moving, the amount of, and position of light on your set will change through out the film, and if your shooting a shot in multiple sessions the change may be drastic.

Here are some videos which you may find helpful

Lego Animation Tutorial: Ease In, Ease Out & Running

12 Principles of Animation

Nathan Well's Tutorial Series … 296CE2CED5

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Re: Suggestions for improvements requested

Thanks, I'll definitely hit those up. To be honest i'd already came to a lot of the conclusions you did. I would have liked to have something more relevant happen when the screen cuts to black too, but the photo count ended up being wrong. Unfortunately i couldn't fix it in the edit and plan how many photos i would need for the music either so i lost rather a few frames which kind of sucks.

As for the natural light idea, this was because i want the shadows moving such drastically in the video to represent time passing, however i picked the wrong window because the sun actually wasn't shining through it and when it was it was behind clouds. My idea was that I would get a natural element out of the light and use that as another layer. That did not work unfortunately. I'm not a stranger to making movies but I have very little practice to making animation. As for the camera moving around a bit, sadly that was mainly because i was streaming the making as well and as I was moving around the room things got knocked. I've came up with a way to fight this, but if i wasn't streaming I'm sure it'd be much better.

But yeah  if i were to do it again, I'd utilise something like 3 point studio lighting where i can get a back front and shadow light on the lego all in a studio environment. It was the main thing i didn't like about the shoot and i quickly realised it wouldn't work, but once i'd started i couldn't go back.

Really big thanks for the feedback. xD