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When visiting an Oxfam in Penzance, Cornwall, I stumbled upon an old biscuit tin full of vintage Lego. Included was the original instructions manual for Weetabix promotional set 1484 - Weetabix House. Once I had bought it, I went through all the pieces included in the old tin to see if I could recreate the vintage set, to find that it only had about 85% of the pieces included. So, with the help of some Lego I already owned, I managed to piece together the complete set with 95%ish accuracy. As you can see, once completed, I still had loads of extra Lego pieces from the tin spare.
It still had all the original parcels included, which I really love!
This comparison shows that I had most of the pieces necessary to complete the set at my disposal. However, a couple of times I did have to improvise. For example, I didn't have a car rooftop in blue, so I had to use one 2x4 flat piece, and two 2x3's.

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Wow! That's pretty old! I can see how much LEGO has improved since then. You've got a very priced set here mini/smile

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This is so mint!  I love thenostalgia blast!  It reminds me of the sets from my childhood.

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Wow, now that is quite the find! A brickfilm is in order for sure.