Topic: Tips for a fight scene Lego?

This is going to be a (hopefully) active log of my process in making this brickfilm, as it will likely take 3-4 weeks. A summarised version of this log will appear as a BTS on my channel after the actual animation is posted. The next post should appear very soon with an update on the storyboard and set designs.

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Re: Tips for a fight scene Lego?

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We are glad you're here, and hope you find us helpful and enjoyable.
Though right now I feel a bit more confused than helpful.

Your topic title is asking for fight scene tips, but the actual post doesn't mention that at all. It mentions a "film" but no real details, only that more are coming.

Is this a film production thread, or a genuine question thread? To help clear things up, I suggest editing either the title, or the content, so they match and the good folks here can be more aware of what this topic is here for. You also have a seemingly unrelated YouTube link that may further confuse people. Is this new film a sequel or spin off? Perhaps it would be good to tell us.

Thanks, and good luck on your film!