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Most if not all of us here are brickfilmers. We make LEGO animations and generally all upload them to YouTube. As such, we tend to not upload but every month or even longer, depending on the quality and length of said video. But sometimes, there are times when you don't want to make a brickfilm, that a live action or other animated film would be better to tell the story, make the joke, or do whatever you want.

So what is one to do? What if one decides that brickfilms are good every once in a while, but that more consistent content would be better to take on as an extra hobby? What if the person wants to make live action videos along with brickfilms? Should the person make a new YouTube channel in order to not alienate the audience? Should one just upload the content to the channel anyway, because it's a personal channel and anything that goes on it is created by the person running the channel? Do you get annoyed when channels switch content types? What if they switch to some other animated content type instead of live action, with the occasional brickfilm? Would that be the same as switching to a live action content type with brickfilms between? Can and should a person try to evolve a Youtube channel, or just start fresh? What about the custom URL and its correlation with other social media? These are all things to take into account.

This is an interesting thought that I had the other day, and I thought I'd express it on here. So let's have a discussion here. What are your feelings on this?

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Re: Let's talk about the evolution of a YouTube channel

In my opinion, as long as the content can somehow still relate to brickfilms and or filmmaking in general, I thiink you can put it on the same channel. If one started making live action films, or video essays, or even vlogs showing the behind the scenes process of making their films, I feel like you can keep it on the same channel.

If it's content that heavily deviates from what the channel was originally supposed to be (and especially if it's going to be posted at a rate at which it would be served up much faster than, say, brickfilms), I'd probably put it on a different channel. A good example of this would be if you had your brickfilm channel, and decided you wanted to start doing Lets Plays. The Lets Plays, which feature you and maybe a group talking about whatever over a video game, is very different from narrative driven short animated films, it's targeting an almost entirely different subset of the YouTube audience. In addition, one could upload a Lets Play or more every day, whereas a short film can take weeks or months inbetween each project to come out.

If, in another example, you began making video essays on whatever, your target audience is staying the same as your original content. A large amount of people who like watching short films online are also likely to enjoy watching a video essay on some aspect of film or culture or whatever. And you're not likely to be releasing a new one every day, so the channel isn't getting too flooded with content.

Now, for something like Vlogs, you'll have to feel it out. Some can integrate them well into their main channel, others end up splitting it off to a different one. Corridor Digital did so successfully with their second channel. However they already have a much larger audience who already followed their second channel for BTS content, so when it just started come out more regularly it felt natural. A channel of a much smaller size would have difficulty with doing something like that, as you're basically restarting from scratch trying to scrape together a following.

This is a bit of a long slog of a writeup, but this is something I've thought about almost since I started brickfilming. I've toyed with the ideas of doing Vlogs, video essays, Let-Plays, the works, and I think that while there are some more sensible ways to go about it, the YouTube landscape is changing on almost a monthly basis, it's hard to really tell what works and doesn't.

In the end, you'll just have to make a judgement calll and take the plunge, doggo.
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Re: Let's talk about the evolution of a YouTube channel

Well, I started my channel without having very consistent content. I'd release my brickfilms, and in between, release family videos.

I used to upload more frequently, but I didn't like the lack of consistency, so I decided to create a second channel for my other videos. I made quite a big thing out of my second channel, William Osborne Extra, just to find that no one was watching my content, so I kind of just scrapped that idea entirely.

I guess I never really put that much effort in my home videos. I didn't edit them and I doubt that they were really of much interest to anyone except my family, but it was an interesting experiment to see what kind of reaction it would get, and if anyone really cared about my other content outside of brickfilming. But that didn't work because it had no connection to brickfilms or film making in general. If I was to make a short live action film, I'd leave it on my main channel, as I don't think of my channel as just a brickfilm channel.

I think of my channel more of channel of my film making, and I think if anyone has any interest in my content, I'd like to think they'd want to see my non-brickfilming work too. I'd want to see your non-brickfilm work if you were to upload it to your main channel, as long as it was film related.

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Well all I have been doing on my channel is just  brick films and I really do hate it when someone switches content from one thing to another and I think you should make a separate channel for one type of content but if you're just going to make a video that's not a brick film once then I think that is ok let me know what you think cause I'm going to be making an animation that is not made of Lego for a friend and I don't know if that will effect anything if I posted it on my channel.


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Re: Let's talk about the evolution of a YouTube channel

I second a lot of the things Sonjira said. If the extra content is...

(A.) in some way connected to brickfilming, or at least isn't so far removed that it gives your audience the impression that you're "quitting" or have moved on to doing something else entirely,


(B.) isn't posted very regularly and is just something different that is done every once and a while,

...then I would say it's probably fine to upload on on the main channel. Otherwise, it doesn't seem like a very good idea and would most likely be better suited to upload on a second channel. As stated above, there's a sort of fine line here, and if crossed it may give your audience the impression that you've decided to "quit" when in reality you just want to branch out and do something different in addition to what you're already doing.

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Re: Let's talk about the evolution of a YouTube channel

If the content is directly related to brickfilming, it's a no-brainer, that's what your subscribers want to see. Personally I have no problem with posting other animation on my channel, and I plan on doing more (hence my name change on YouTube a couple years ago). Live action short films can be tricky. Most of the time when I see a live action film by a brickfilmer in my sub box I skip over it. It's not that I don't like live action shorts, it's just that there tends to be a large disparity between the quality of the two. That being said, I think it depends on the kind of brickfilmer that you are. If you're the person who's releasing a short every other week, comedy focused, lots of IP based shorts, you're probably going to alienate your audience by posting a live action short film. However, if your the kind of brickfilmer who (unless entering THAC or BRAWL) spends months crafting a brickfilm with an original story, careful cinematography and lighting, and creative animation solutions (this is you Rio), your subscribers probably see your channel as the location of your film making efforts; and will likely be much more receptive to you exploring other mediums of storytelling.

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I'm not too savvy on how to set up youtube channels, but a lot of channels I've seen have a format where they have different lists depending on which type of videos they've uploaded, and even tabs for Home, Videos, Playlists, Channels, Discussion, and About.
Here's an example of what I'm talking about. … g/featured

It seems like a good way to keep things organized and easy for your followers to find what they want. I've been thinking about setting it up like this and having a list for brickfilms, other animation, tutorials, etc. But I haven't done much research into figuring out how to set it up.

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I agree with backyard Legos when ever I see a brick filmer post a live action short on their channel I usually hesitate to click it that's why I put all my live action videos on a separate channel but if it is related to stop motion in anyway then I think you're good.


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