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Here are a couple peeks at forced perspective rigs made for the movie. I was dismantling all the characters and parts tonight to reorganize my lego character toolboxes, so I decided to take a couple snapshots for posterity.

The first is an arm stretching rig that I used for when she is examining the film strip. It was very hard to keep her holding the film strip, so I thought this rig might help keep things aligned better. The film kept popping out of her hands anyway, so the movement in the final picture is limited, but here is how I shot it. Seen on end, it hides the other two bodies and we assume the arms are attatched to her body.

The second is the birthing rig. The stirrups were designed for full range of motion of the minifig legs. The mother character stood back a few bumps, and leaned back. The extra distance between torso and legs helped give the racked camera focus a stronger effect.

I might do a BTS video on the alpine snowboarding scene, as a few people have commented on the look of it, and there was a little bit of trickery used there as well.

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Re: BTS - Ma Vie - Custom Forced Perspective Rigs

Really interesting stuff! I wouldn't have guessed that this was how you did it, nor would I have been able to come up with the same idea! Hopefully, I can use these techniques in a future brickfilm mini/smile

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